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Destroy the Bricks and Enjoy a Festive Dinner with Monkey Slam

Chillingo does it again– They have made another addictive game that both kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy. I have been relentlessly praising Chillingo for creating such amazing apps; from Madcoaster, to Chimpact, to Catapult King, now comes a charming app called .

Have you ever had that pinball obsession? I did, and it transpired during the times when the only cool games that you can play on your computer were Solitaire, Minesweeper, and the Pinball. The Pinball game is easy to play; all you have to do is get the highest score possible by not letting the ball drop. You have to use flippers in order to make the ball stop from falling in the drain to last the game.

Monkey Slam essentially has the same gameplay as the Pinball. Instead of using balls in hitting the obstacles, Monkey Slam gives you cute little monkeys. The obstacles consist of bricks that you have to abolish. Every brick shattered will automatically turn into a fruit that the paddle needs to collect. The paddle in the Monkey Slam is in the form of a huge gorilla. Vigilance is necessary as you have to gather all the fruits while watching out for the little monkeys. These monkeys must not fall in order to continue on the game.

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