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Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run: Run with Style

Endless running games are and will always be a sure hit to all app lovers! I guess Temple Run I and 2, Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, and Chasing Yello are just some of the apps that can attest to the magical influence that these running games have brought to the application industry. (Know more about the Endless Runner Craze games here.) Well, we can never defy anyway the ultimate fun and addicting gameplay that they continuously bring to the lives of our dear gamers so I bet running inspired games will continue to flourish for more years.

And speaking of games, here’s another endless running inspired application that will definitely invade your iOS devices in no time. Applatter readers, say hello to Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run.

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Fashion Inc.: Run your own Fashion House

Have you ever dreamed of being part of the well-loved reality television show, Project Runway, as each aspiring designers show off what they got to be the next bright star in the fashion industry? Project Runway is just one of the tickets to the biggest fashion break in your life. Well, I tell you, this is not a campaign or a teaser to the next season of Project Runway. It just goes to show how thousands of aspiring fashion designers are there who would do anything that they can to show their (this may sound cliche) ‘Passion for Fashion.’

Hence, you wouldn’t want to try out for the upcoming seasons without an edge among the fellow aspiring fashion designers, right? You wouldn’t want Michael Kors, one of the judges, to have doubt on your skill, don’t you? If I were you, why don’t you start enhancing your fashion design skills? Let this app review help you make it to the cut with an app called

Let the fashion tour begin after the cut.

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Must-Have Apps to Maximize Your Wardrobe

Are you tired of your closet clutter? Have you ever felt like you’ve got nothing else to wear? I bet you’ll agree that rummaging through your closet often begets a dazed look on your face.

Now, put an end to the chaos hiding behind your closed closet doors and stretch your wardrobe by downloading these must-have apps for fashionistas and shopaholics!

Solve your fashion dilemmas and get the roundup of the apps after the jump.

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Lookbook: Collective Fashion Consciousness

Fashion is important because it’s a part of all of us. No matter what you do or where you come from, it’s innate in everyone. We just differ in ways we choose to interpret and embrace it. This is what makes fashion so relevant and exciting. In choosing how to express ourselves with fashion, we are able to show the world a part of who we are and our culture. In a way, fashion allows us to transcend all types of barriers and communicate in a way that no other art form can. -Camille Co, Fashion Designer and Blogger

As you stroll at the mall, you might see a woman wearing a black see-through polo tucked in a white peplum skirt paired with a pink heeless sky-high pumps and a bunch of accessories to top her whole trendy look for the day. It may be weird to most of the people but for her, this is how she expresses fashion.

OOTD or Outfit of the Day has been the norm when girls and even guys started fashion blogging, right? The Sartorialist, Camille Co, Anastasia Siantar, Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy are just some of the iconic people in fashion blogging. Now, their “passion for fashion” has created a platform over the internet as fashion enthusiasts from different walks of life and different parts of the world collaborate as they share how they perceive fashion in their daily lives – Lookbook: A Collective Fashion Consciousness.

Lo and behold fashion enthusiasts and Lookbook fans! This app review will take your daily dose of fashion inspiration to a notch higher as Lookbook is now available on your iPhone devices.

Free on App Store

From the Number 1 Fashion Portal with millions of users worldwide, has launched their own app last September 4, 2012, which allows its users to basically browse, post, hype and comment on a look.

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Find your style through

Winter, spring, summer, and fall are just ordinary seasons for regular people. For fashionistas, it’s the seasons where they can anticipate the upcoming trends.

Style is what delineates us in terms of clothing. Designers are the ones who tip off their wearable artistic crops for us to choose from. The is equipped to help our sartorial needs.

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Netrobe: Your Virtual Closet

Tank tops, Jeans, Blazers, Bags, Shoes and Accessories – These are just some of every girl’s prized possessions. Sometimes we’ll just wake up in the morning having some fashion dilemma of not knowing what to wear or where to find that cute pink peplum skirt that you’ve imagined wearing that day. Keeping track of such fashion problems is now stress free with the help of Netrobe.

Available on iOS for Free

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Wear High-street, Wear Warehouse

Is Kate Middleton your style icon? Do you know that some of the Duchess’ looks are affordable and available at UK high-street stores? High-street looks are runway inspired pieces catered for the mass market and can be purchased for as low as $20. Not convinced yet? Then take a look inside the Warehouse.

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Runway Ready in Chanel

Black, white, and runway ready clothes all in one luxurious app. Spruce up with the latest collection from one of the leading couture houses, Chanel.

Chanel, led by its fashion director, Karl Lagerfeld will help you find your favorite fashion pieces. Check out Chanel’s latest collection, fresh news, and see the exclusive photos straight to your iOS devices.

Straight from the runway features:

  • Receive exclusive Chanel news
  • The store locator helps you track the nearest Chanel store anywhere in the world.
  • Get the exclusive photos of different looks from the Chanel fashion show.
  • Available in different languages: English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Korean
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1, 2, 3… Pose!

Fashion fever is already here, and it’s definitely bound to stay. Gone are the days when we are restricted to limited clothing brands and styles. It’s actually funny how history is able to influence and change the way we dress and look. The fashion trend also has its own evolution – from classic, old-fashioned, contemporary, gothic, tacky, to modern – and it’s continuously changing at the present. A lot of names and terms have been called to describe the fashion styles around the globe – hippie, rugged, classic, preppy, formal, casual, hobo, punk, jock, artsy, emo, and fashion forward – there’s surely a name that will match your clothing sense and taste. The bottom line: change is inevitable and the same goes for fashion. Bid goodbye to monotonous outfits and say hello to colorful and striking garbs.

Photo credit: It’s All About Woman World

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