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Get Your Daily Fill Of Rock n’ Roll With “Band Of The Day”

Since the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s, up to its culmination in the early 60s (God bless The Beatles!) and so on, discovering and listening to new songs everyday has become a natural inclination for music lovers. Music  had become a big instrument for social and cultural movement, and was touted as one of the most expressive art forms ‘til now. Some people listen to music as if their whole lives depend on it. I can relate to those people because I owe much of my job to the songs that I listen to—I cannot ever write a single article without some music on.

And as music continues to progress, with range of different music styles morphing into another genre of progressive rhythms, searching for the obviously good songs can be a bit of a hard work. For fans of the ear-shattering riffs and for groupies who spend most of their lives stalking rock bands, or rock band hotties for that matter (eyeroll), a new iOS app called Band of the Day will help your fixation of looking for the best music that has yet to become a mainstream favourite in the airwaves. Band of the Day will introduce you to new bands every day and will even allow some free streaming to serenade your eardrums more. With bands ranging from alt rock, progressive rock, grunge, indie rock, and psychedelic rock genres among others, looking for your daily dose of rock n’ rolla won’t need an encore! Read more

Find the difference — CatchPlus!

“Spot the Difference” is a classic game that is enjoyed by many. Whether you are spotting the differences of two pictures in tabloids, magazines, or an application, this beloved game is a shoo-in for being a perfect game when you need to while your time away.

There is no better way to enjoy Spot the Difference than to have your own pictures cloned and retouched in order to become a couple of images available for your own spot the difference enjoyment! Get ready for Sioo Interactive Inc.’s new app called Find the Difference – CatchPlus! CatchPlus is a free social game that will allow Spot the Difference lovers to have their pictures be the object attraction for players by uploading their pictures on the app’s facebook account. With your pictures available for a spot-the-difference-play, rest assured that you will never get tired of playing this game over and over!

And the good things don’t end there! While players are exercising their keen eye sights, they will likely discover new deals and earn rewards from the app’s sponsors! Now I’m spotting the difference of this app from the usual spot the difference. Read more

“App of the Day” Offers Free Apps Every Day!

Are you addicted to applications? Hurrah! Whether you are aiming for a casual game, lifestyle, entertainment, photography, or music application, then here’s a warm hug for you! I welcome you to the club, the App-aholics Club if there’s such a thing.

Speaking of which, I bet you are also one of those people who are hopelessly wishing for some spare pennies that can be used to download paid apps. Am I right? Well, there’s no need to be ashamed of it because just like you I do feel the same thing. I’ve been reviewing apps for quite some time now and I cannot deny the fact that I’ve been seeing some great paid apps which I definitely want to try and store on my device. Unfortunately, because I’m quite living on a tight budget, I have to control myself from purchasing those apps and just pray that their developers will visit our website, Applatter, and give me with some promo codes. *Haha! Way to go, Lavinia! Go on and beg for some luck.*

Disclaimer: I am not really begging, rather I’m teasing you guys. Just hoping that my prayers will be answered soon.

Voila! Who could have thought that my request will be answered too soon. That was really fast! Thanks to my fairy godfather, if I may say, the AppTurbo team. My dilemma is now somehow solved because of their one-of-a-kind application that really caught my attention. This is indeed my lucky day! Wait, let’s change that… This is indeed our lucky day! To all app addicts who are dying to try some paid apps without spending even a single penny, let me introduce to you this magical app which we will all definitely love. Presenting App of the Day.

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Android App Review: Halloween Pumpkins

I’m one of those kids who is sometimes more excited for Halloween than for Christmas. I know, there are so much that people can get from Christmas and stuff. But, the idea of playing dress-up and coming out roaming in the streets in Halloween frocks and character costumes can be so much fun. Add to that, the crazy amount of candies that you can gain just by showing up in the front porch of some random stranger’s old Califa house—Halloween is truly, frighteningly charming.

And because ‘tis the season to bring out the cauldrons and harvest the pumpkin patch, we are here to serve you, kiddies, some apps that will supply your daily dose of seasonal scare. After designing and carving your own ideas of a perfect pumpkin with Pumpkin Pal, you can test your reflex and memory with this Android app called . Read more

Android App Review: Magic Wingdom

Are you looking for a game that can be the perfect buddy on a lazy stay-in at home or at the hotel? Get your Android devices ready and download PlayCreek LLC’s action puzzle game called Magic Wingdom!

is a puzzle game that lets users draw and trace different lines to make the colored eggs bump into their color family. It’s fun to actually watch the eggs roll toward the center of the field because that’s when you know that chaos in the game is ensuing.  Actually, if I’m being honest with myself, I enjoy this game because of the chaos. As the game becomes more complex and the player gets all hilariously panicky, that’s when the real entertainment is making itself present.

I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but really, the phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” really applies to the idea of this incredibly addicting app. The harder the game gets; the rougher the player becomes. Read more

App Review: Neon Blitz

Neon lights were a huge hit in the 80s. It was a part of the punk and new wave social scene that always left a feeling of ecstasy among the Gen X people. Every party—from wild house parties to mad warehouse parties—was always decked out in shocking electric glows of neon tubes and light bulbs.

In this new day and age, people who are huge fans of the fluorescent blues and greens and pinks can finally enjoy the neon madness on their Android and iOS gadgets. Meet the sequel to the well-received Neon Mania called Neon Blitz! Neon Blitz, just like its predecessor, is another neon line tracing game that will let you uncover images of incandescent figures like shapes, landmarks, planets, signage, and music and food symbols. Blitz your way through different puzzles and let your eyes pop out for the beaming visions of neon glows! Read more

App Review: Picture Me Something

We love making fun of our friends’ photos in Facebook. We all go through the absurdity of tagging our unaware friends their pictures which show them being crazy, or not in their best Vogue-ish poses. As much as we love making fun of things, and ridiculous stuff about our bffs’ own business, we still keep in mind that some things need to be done with caution and maybe, a little guessing game. Sometimes, we even tag them things that will remind them how inane they are because we want to make them laugh. That’s just the coolest thing about life. We can make fun of things with the people who know us more than we know ourselves. The joy of having to share stuff with friends are just priceless, and endlessly satisfying.

And if you are like me who loves to surprise her friends with pointless chuckle-worthy pictures and stuff, then you better check this app called Picture Me Something. You get the gist. Picture Me Something, like Draw Something and other apps coined with “something”, will allow you to connect and goof around with your friends about the funniest photos through your mobile phones. The best thing about Picture Me Something is that, it’s such a familiar app—too familiar that there’s really no learning needed—that it spoils your giggling pleasure in no time. With the use of Facebook integration and sharing of private or non-private photos, Picture Me Something will leave you boisterously chortling with your friends and make them laugh at themselves silly! Read more

Numbers Galore With “Math Tricks” and “Math Formulary” For Android

There is just no escaping math, ain’t it? Every where you go, every twist, and every turn, there are numbers. It’s an age-old fact. But as numbers are there for millions and millions of years, it’s also a given fact that a huge percentage of the human race would want nothing to do with math—or the hard ones at least. Mathematics is a piece of cake if you’re pertaining to the four basic operations but come the extreme-looking ones (say hello to algebra, geometry, and trigonometry!) we hide behind our eyelashes with our tails tucked between our legs. And have you heard about the Euclidean Plane? Gosh! Math has some serious people-pushing issues! When math becomes a person, he’ll surely be a Sheldon Cooper.

Think that mobile applications are full of games? Well, think again. Applications catering to number-problem-solving individuals are sprouting in the app market, people! Math has no intention to hide and leave everything untouched! Even Applatter has been previously kissed by it! I have always treated math as an eye-sore but I’ve come to accept that dealing with it is the best form of coping rather than taking flight whenever it’s in front of me.

So, get your mathematical gears ready for two math applications compatible with your Android devices! No more stalling and pencil tapping because will surely make your number aversion disappear!

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Applatter Picks: Top 5 Porky-licious Apps

Make way for the swine invasion, everyone! It’s here and it’s definitely taking the world by storm. No, I’m not referring to the swine flu or the foot and mouth disease—mind you, nobody wants to make way for that I’m sure. So what am I really getting at, you ask? Well, it’s none other than pig-filled applications for your smartphones! Game developers has this knack of using gentle creatures to create some uncanny and devious characters, don’t you think? Ehem, Angry Birds. Speaking of that passé application, pigs were there too! Only they were green and odd-looking, but they were still pigs. Nonetheless, dear readers, I have excluded them in this list because I’ve decided that weird green pigs is not going to make the cut.

Ergo, the applications that I’m about to share with you all ham and bacon lovers has pigs as its main star—protagonist and antagonist alike. Don’t worry, I assure you that they are all pink, fat, and normal-looking.

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Run Away with the Endless Runner Craze

Ever since the Temple Run fad started, endless runner apps start to fructify. The Temple Run spectacle made the developers long for the same feat. Even Disney turned to the Temple Run developer, Imangi, to create their own version of the endless runner game in the form of their new film, Brave. Because of the certain accomplishment, different types of running games started to proliferate to get the comparable stature.

If you have been following Applatter for some time, which I hope you really are. You will notice that most of my reviews were about endless runner apps. I admit that I’m enamoured with those games; I like the thought that I can do better than my first run. That is the reason why I still turn to those apps when time permits me. I scrutinize if I still have the mad running skills. Here are my top endless runner games that consumed all the spare time I had.

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