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Little Amazon: The Gigantic Trot

Who will forget the expeditious popularity of a runner game last 2011?  The chance of not knowing the runner game that started it all is very little. Yeah, everybody played Temple Run -the endless running craze ever. I believe most of us reading this are familiar with the guy who runs out of the temple because of the magical monkeys chasing him.

Because of that, the running fame was followed by several production of other runner games with different characters bringing Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, Chasing Yello, Yoo Ninja, Ovenbreak, and more in to reality. We may choose from a running movie character, an escaping kiddo, a flying ninja, a swimming fish, an angry granny, a dashing agent, and fleeing bread. Name it and they have it!

This 2013, say hello to the latest game application released by Bulkypix called . It is an endless runner, platformer, and adventure game that will sure make you run for more. Come on, let us all have a fresh start this year! Read more

iOS App Review: Where’s My Candy?

Back when I was a kid, heaven for me is a place full of various kinds of candies with different color, shape, taste and even texture. I would see round containers, big tubes and glasses loaded with all types of candies which can bring so much joy to my dull moments. As I grew older, I realized that the heaven that I had in mind was actually called a candy shop. And that was a light bulb moment for me! I had to humbly ask for my mom some coins just to buy a piece of candy. At times, she would be generous and I will have a handful. That was one of the happiest moments of my naive life – simple yet memorable.

A flashback of that scenario had come to my mind when I saw this app developed by Zhangming Ltd. dubbed as . You wouldn’t want someone to steal your precious candies, right? One expression that I had when my sibling would secretly get some of my candies, I would frantically say, ‘Where’s my candyyyyyyy?’ And that means war. Kidding aside, if we have the same sentiments then why don’t you read on and dig into more details on my iOS app review.

More of this candy-chasing adventures after the break.

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Hello Mister Frog!

People often see animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and elephants performing live on different circuses. Because of that, our curiosity sparks that we even anticipate the next arrival of the carny. The joy these animals give us is truly a knack and worth watching. These skeptical creatures are the most awaited act among all the performances since none of us can’t tell of the surprise they are about to show.

In reality, we are scared of these beastly creatures because they might eat and swallow us alive. But because of the lenient individuals who are willing to train the animals despite the risk it may cause them, it is possible to watch a circus show full of performing wild animals. Despite our terror, the creatures that we fear the most are the ones who amuse us. We should thank the patient trainers because of them the feral are somehow harmless and entertaining. We are indeed lucky!

You might be thinking that the app I am going to review today is all about animals performing in a circus. Well, the hero of the game application that I recently played is a man with unique ability. This special ability directs him to join the circus and perform in front of so many spectating people.

Our hero is man with very long tongue giving him the title of Mister Frog. His aptitude is too odd for a normal person that is why he found life in the colorful carnival. Working as a frog man is not easy because he have to please a lot of people by showing tricks and extraordinary act. Through your magical hands, you can help him fulfill the coveted reverie of Mister Frog. This free game application by Coconut Island Studio will give you the freedom to do so.

Are you ready for an all-out twisted performance? Help him catch bugs and gain supporters. Play for Android today! Read more

Pudding Monsters: Stick ‘em Together!

Most of us love to eat. I mean, who doesn’t want to indulge themselves with those luscious blueberry cheesecake running down your throat with its sweet and sour kick making our taste buds crave for some more? I bet you’re lusting now as your mind wanders to a place loaded with your favorite food. Feels like heaven, isn’t it?

A meal wouldn’t be complete not without your favorite dessert that will wipe away all those aromatic flavors lingering in your mouth, right? For those who have a sweet tooth, having a dessert is a must! They wouldn’t leave the dining table not without a bite of something sweet that will tickle their taste bud!

Today, this Android app review will introduce an app that’s worthy of your sweet cravings! Have you eaten a pudding? I haven’t and if we have the same food deprivation, then why not play with puddings first before having a slice? Let the take you for a one scary and sticky ride! 

Are you ready for a fun and slimy adventure? Brace yourselves and stick the puddings all together after the break.

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Logo Quiz_Pop Singer: Who’s That Pop Artist?

I was looking for a casual app that will somehow kill my rooting boredom when a friend suggested to me another logo quiz application. I don’t actually intend to review this application simply because logo quizzes are now a trend and a lot of people are going crazy answering this type of application but this can’t be helped-seriously. There are number of logo quiz applications for brands, movies, characters, and people popping out today in which the famous Icon Pop Quiz that was reviewed by Maeve Audrey belongs.  The picture snatched my fidgety attention pushing me to instantly download the app.

Can you recognize these faces? They look familiar right? You might be questioning yourself by now after seeing the picture. Are they strangers you have met somewhere and bumped on a subway? Or, one of them could be your neighbor, classmate, and friend. Well, who knows? Before you stress yourself thinking of the true identity of this people take a closer look and carefully scan each faces first. Obviously, these faces are in fact well-known to most of us because they are the oh so “pop-ular” global singers of all times that we ardently watch and listen to.

Who among reading this android app review does not know the phenomenal songs of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston? People always love Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” in the film The Bodyguard while their hearts goes on with Celine’s song “My Heart Will Go On” for the movie Titanic. They are only two of the hundreds of artists that you have to guess as you play by Logo Quiz.

Don’t wait for paparazzi to spoil your day, get your android device before the genie in a bottle comes out. Come on let us all break the ice!    Read more

Blosics HD FREE: Shoot the Blocks!

If you are one of the few who gets bored easily during Physics class, simply because it is a complicated subject that you just can’t comprehend such terms and topic, well you’re not alone. Truth be told, Physics is one of the lessons that we can’t get away with especially in our everyday lives. One proof would be, Physics is slowly dominating the app world!

You shouldn’t be scared, though. We can now apply the lessons that we’ve learned in school, the terms that we’ve missed in our exams and the processes that we’ve forgotten during recitation in class, right? This Android app review will prove to you that Physics can be both fun and challenging at the same time! With a little help from our balls and blocks friends, we can now have a clear grasp of how Physics can eventually turn your world upside down! Is it because of gravity? Well, some magic is bound to happen with !

It’s time to knock down those colored talking blocks after the jump.

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Push the Box and Save the Pigs!

Part of our best childhood memories would be our favorite bedtime stories which were personally read to us by our parents. It seems like they’re singing a lullaby to put us in a good night’s sleep. There are tons of children’s stories ranging from the best selling ones such as Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Sawyer, Hansel and Gretel and a lot more. Personally, one of my favorite classic children’s stories was The Three Little Pigs. Who wouldn’t forget how the Big Bad Wolf tried to scare and destroy the houses of each pig, right? What’s even cool was how the three little pigs thought of their own creative ideas in building their very own sturdy houses.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that pigs are absolutely adorable, right? If you loved the green pigs in the best selling game, Angry Birds, it’s their moment to shine now on my Android app review! Join the three little green pigs and save them from the big bad wolf.

It’s the perfect time to and save the pigs after the jump!

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Just ‘Fruit Shoot’ It!

Some people may have lived up to the tradition of collecting 12 different kinds of round fruits to bring luck for the coming new year. Aside from finding those 12 types of fruits to be displayed on our dining tables, it’s not likely that we can finish all those 12 fruits in an instant, right? Hence, if you can’t do anything with your fruits anymore, why don’t we just shoot them?

Ever dreamed of becoming one of the best archers in the world? Equip yourself with your bow and arrow, estimate and hit your target points! You may see a magician do a stint shooting an apple at the top of a woman’s head, right? For magicians, some magic words will do the trick by hitting the apple straight. While in real life, it’s really hard to shoot a target object especially when someone’s life is at risk. You should take a lot of training, practice and adopt the skills of Robin Hood.

Stay away from the physical challenges that can be brought by your enemy or your blurred vision, perhaps. Sharpen your archery skills with your virtual bow and arrow with .

Enter the wild life of shooting fruits on top of the cute animal’s head after the cut.

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SiliBili To The Rescue!

Adventure or quest games became a trend nowadays since the rapid development of innovative games and applications. Today, global gamers-iOS and Android users- have something to look forward to once again.

If you simply can’t get enough of the games that you see on different platforms, then why not try adding this cool application on your list.

After going through a few action-packed quest games, I was able to come across this game application called SiliBili Lite developed by Chundos Studio, an independent game development company that produces good quality of games and applications. The app is compatible to both and platforms.

The story circles from the title itself where the heroes are two courageous friends- Sili and Bili. These little fellows decided to save their planet (Sibull) from vicious invasion of the enemies so they went out for an important mission.

Want to know more of the story behind this great adventure? Reveal the mystery by helping Sili and Bili save planet Sibull. Read more of the app review to test your boldness. How far can you go? Read more

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar with Lyric Legend 2

I have noticed that our love for music makes us one despite our different appreciation of song choices. For instance, people automatically sing every time there is a familiar song playing because we simply can’t resist the enticement. Our love for music also brought YouTube with its thousands or even millions of videos uploaded to hit one billions of views.

Wait there’s more. . .

The birth of countless singing reality shows is an obvious indication how strong the impact of music is globally. Two of the most outstanding programs today that showcase various talents are “American Idol” and “The X Factor” where lots of aspiring talents joins the prestigious competition to attain recognition all over the world.

The famous artists that we see and hear today like One Direction, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, and more are the product of these programs. I must say that I am one of the million viewers who patiently watched the journey of each contestant as they show the world their unique talents which captured and inspired our hearts to continue the dream we have within.

However, some of us dream of becoming an idol while some are already contented watching and supporting their own biases. But whenever we see an artist performing on stage we can’t help but imagine ourselves standing on their shoes. Hmmm, how does it feel to be like them? We want to experience the same fun too- lucky those distinct individuals.

Fortunately, because of our love for music, TuneWiki created a free app that will let us rock the concert scene. Through people can now experience the performance that we all dream of bringing fantasy straight from our Android devices.

We know how hard and challenging it is as an artist. Imagine the lyrics they have to memorize and the perfect pitch they have to show. Let’s see if you can pass the challenge to become the next idol!

Note: Make sure to memorize as much lyrics as you can before playing the game. Read more