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Sheep Dog Pro: A taste of the countryside

For a dose of tranquility and calm surrender, there’s no question about getting exactly that when you’re out on the country side. With the sound of nature turning into a sleepy lullaby, people in the suburbs usually are the happy ones–well, unless you get to harass yourself daily with the thought of grouping together your notorious herd of sheep. Getting in touch with your inner herder self alongside your trusty canine is far easier than before with the help of an Android application! In the comfort and safety of your own home, you can now successfully lead a couple of disorderly sheep to their plot.

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Chicken Story 2: Stolen Nests

Sympathize with a distressed hen as she sets forth on battling evil monkey thieves whilst looking for her stolen nest! Challenge yourself with this physics-based mobile game created by Health Pack Games and feel a sense of fulfillment as you reunite a mother looking for her babies.

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Space Holiday: Connect The Stars!

Let go of that pencil and paper because it’s time to play Space Holiday! An extremely addicting and challenging game by Powerful Robot with cuteness overload to boot. Move over “connect the dots”, because Nico the Astronaut will have you drawing glowing light in between stars instead!

Powerful Robot developed as an addition to the growing list of hard-to-let-go applications in the AppStore. With a rather simple gameplay, Space Holiday will definitely get you asking where the time has gone.

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Throw That Jabra STONE

There’s no more need to run to the nearest lake or ocean just to practice your stone skipping skills because Jabra STONE will give you all that rock throwing fun with just a single shake of your smart phone! Keep your feet dry as you make the virtual stone bounce against the water for as many times as you possibly can.

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