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Rounds of Fearless Kicking with Kick the Boss

Scene in the Office

Everybody is busy doing their own businesses while eyes are stuck in the computer monitor. You hear nothing but the breeze sound of the air-con and continuous noise coming from the keyboard. Each employee in the office look tensed whilst sweats running down their faces.

Meanwhile, in the other side of the office an employee has been called by the president because of an incident. It was reported that the guy employee was conveying false rumors about their boss around the office. A few minutes later he was fired without giving him a chance and further investigation of the case.


The next day, employees in the company burst out their anger. There was an outpour of personal sentiments and rages against their boss. The fired employee was a good one and someone you can depend upon.

For them, complaining is not a good idea because she won’t listen anyway and she can fire them anytime, the power is hers to revel. Instead of that, they think of a trouble-free and simple way to revenge against the inconsiderate, merciless, and conceited act of their boss.

With the FREE app by Game Hive Corporation, users will have the ability to nudge their boss in the most destructive way.

WARNING: The game contains high level of violence not applicable for 18 years and below. Read more