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iOS App Review: iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition

It’s Christmas! Yay! And aside from Santa Claus, presents, bonuses, 13th month pay, carols, and other tangible things related to this most-celebrated season, Christmas also means holidays and vacations! Agree? I love vacations. Who wouldn’t like it? I certainly believe that both young and adults look forward to this annual event.

During this Christmas season, it’s a reality that kids result to just hanging out with friends, playing computer games, or just boring themselves to sleep and eat the whole day. Admit it, you once did the same when you were still a kid. I think it’s just normal especially with kids since they get to do the stuff they really like during their no school days or vacations, like the Christmas season that is. And for moms and dads out there who would like their children to do something productive during these times are usually failures, if I may say. It’s natural, on vacations it’s really hard to encourage your kiddos to study their lessons, do household chores, or behave well since for them these days are their freedom days. Well, here’s a confession: I can attest to that because I’ve been like that when I was still younger. Oooppss!

But wait! If you are really itching to make your kids study their lessons without compromising their time for entertainment, today is your lucky day! (Aside from the fact that it’s not yet the end of the world—My apologies, I just want to say it.) As your Ms. Santa let me present to you my early Christmas present, my newfound app that is definitely worth of your and your children’s time. Who knows, this could be the mighty tool that you need to make them spend their time or vacation wisely. Without further ado, let me introduce to you .

Read the rest of this iOS app review to learn more fascinating facts about iTooch.

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iOS App Review: Scriptus – quick and easy note-taking

Got something to say? Are you the type of person who is better with written notes rather than talking or giving speeches? Are you also one of those people who just can’t seem to stop themselves from jotting down their ideas, creating stories, and portraying a good student image by scribbling down the lessons? Well, regardless of who you are or whatever your mission may be this is your lucky day. If you are looking for an app that will help you solve your troubles in note-taking, then I suggest you continue reading this iOS app review. Let’s play with words and say your thoughts through Scriptus.

is the perfect app for all note-takers or simply for those people who like writing notes. Scriptus is a productivity application that lets you take quick and beautiful notes easily. Developed by Paulo Freitas, this iOS app is a specifically designed for all people who are keen in putting their thoughts and ideas into words. Ideally because of modern technology instead of bringing notebooks and pens, all you have to do now is to download the Scriptus app. With Scriptus, you can finally bid goodbye to the traditional pen and paper style of note-taking and say hello to computerized written notes using your handy dandy iPad.

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Nikki UP2U: A dressing story

Little girls—they all have their dreams of playing dress up. Every little girl that I have encountered has taken to playing dress up as if they are already priming into the spiffy world of womanhood. That’s the weird thing about being a kid. They use the fashionably moulded shapes and perks of Barbie dolls and Bratz just so they can envision how they want their lives in the period of adolescence to be. Some kids even sleep with their paper dolls beside them, y’know. Kids.

Since playing dress up for dolls is a thing of adulthood anticipation mixed with curious innocence, the world of technology didn’t miss out on supplying the juvenile enjoyment of kids and in-denial-kids-at-heart. Pape Studio released an iOS application called Nikki UP2U that will cater to the modish desires of kids, or even mommas with three kids, who have a fondness for dressing up dolls and doll-like figures to the nines! With Nikki UP2U installed on your iOS devices, dressing the characters in the chicest trend du jour is all UP2U! Read more

WorldCard HD: A Business Card Scanner for Your iPad

Applatter has recently reviewed Penpower Technology’s WorldCard Mobile and gave it high marks for being a simple-yet-useful useful business application. And we did mention that there was one flaw that needs to be addressed. Good thing they did address the problem, although a bit differently. The is the souped up brother of WorldCard Mobile, and just like any brother who’s somehow way better than you are, the iPad app features better OCR technology and MORE! As the iPad version of WorldCard Mobile, WorldCard HD does a pretty neat job at scanning and reading business cards quickly. It’s just as easy to use as its iPhone brethren, and makes storing contacts way easier, to boot.

The Applatter team tested the app using an iPad 3, and just to make sure that the app delivers even with the latest tablet, we did take a few pictures of some of the business cards we have with us. And we invite you to take a quick look at some of what WorldCard HD offers, below: Read more

Here Comes The Creeps!

Get ready for The Creeps! No, I’m not talking about a rock band or some famous artist that you know. The Creeps! is a casual game application specially designed for iOS devices. Developed by Super Squawk Software LLC, this addicting game showcases some eerie and strange creatures who act as your enemies. The Creeps!, with over 3 million downloads already, falls under the tower defense inspired applications.

is a fun and challenging game. Period. The app lets you battle with ghosts, zombies, aliens, dinosaurs, evil animated creatures, and a lot more. This is a tower defense and strategy based app in one as you need to protect the “safe place”, which is the bed, and put the right defenses to defeat the monsters that will come your way. Read more

Make Colorful Notes with!

Post-its and notepads exist not only because they hold important notes for people who love to write on them, but also because they hold dreams of people who believe that jotting down they desired future on notepads can help them acquire those dreams little by little. I remember a friend whose desktop is polluted by multitude of colourful Post-its where most of her dreams lie. She told me that she goes by the classic Laws of Attraction even though she has not attracted a single bit of her aspirations. Some people collect notepads just for the fun of it. And some just want to be so organized and so attuned to their daily activities that they cover their entire refrigerators with sticky notes.

Instead of using too much paper and cluttering your home and the surroundings with actual notepads, why don’t just try the new iPad app called ?! Think of as a funkier notepad for your iPads where you can write down notes (doodle-y or formal), take audio notes, and even export or share your files with other people! Now that is a more trendy and innovative way of making notepads a part of your daily living! Read more

Who Wants Some ‘Momma’s Pizza’?

Pizza, anyone? Are you craving for some garlic, mushroom, and pepperoni pizzas?  Well, don’t just sit there and wait for some miracles. Dial that number this instant or better yet run to the nearest pizza store and treat yourself with this sumptuous meal. On the flip side, if you can’t afford to have one right now, then I suggest you just suit yourself with this pizza restaurant-inspired application and make your own pizzas in just a few taps. Go on, feed your eyes with this thrilling game app.

Momma’s Pizza is one of’s game applications. It allows you to be an instant pizza store owner and gives you the chance to lead your staff in serving your customers. To play this game, all you have to do is to serve delicious pizzas at the fastest possible time. There are target goals for each level that you will need to meet in order to advance to the next ‘day’ or level. The more orders you are able to serve to your hungry customers, the more chances of winning or profit you can get.

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Timeline Eons: An Extensive Timeline of the World and Beyond

“Knowledge is power.” As scientists and experts continue to probe and look for answers, we are gifted with new knowledge that may or may not explain the unknown epoch and the history of ever. With the help from the expanding technology, the postmortem that is generally centered on the evolution and the beginning of mankind is becoming more vague and confusing by the day. While the answers to the truth is still few and far in between, a little compiled background of the geological era can serve us, humans, well. To know about what could happen eons ago might be useful to us in future analysis.

And if you’re a whiz kid or even an intellectual hopeful young adult, having this iOS app called Timeline Eons installed on your devices can be relatively clever. Timeline Eons is an educational timeline that consists of an extensive analysis and background of what went on during the time unknown up to the present. Take for example the never-ending debate on the Big Bang theory. Timeline Eons will surely give you plausible enough studies on what went on after that, on what discoveries were made and concluded, and what final documentations followed that theory.

Timeline Eons is basically history written and integrated on an iOS device. Think of the wide variations of studies and articles that you can find in Google, and put all that links and references in a single app and, eureka! You have Timeline Eons! Read more

URL2PDF: Converting Webpages to PDF Files Made Easier

There were times when we’re browsing the internet on our smart phones and we suddenly came across a promising article that we wanted to save in its entirety. We often experience major moments of being a fan and sometimes, we just wanted to tear that webpage right out of our screens, and print it if possible. Today’s ultra-modern technology makes us depend highly on the information that the internet offers. There are even some who instantly turn to the web when they’re in dire need of something to include to their annual office presentation.

This is a usual dilemma for people who are too absorbed in reading internet articles. Be it gossip, news, entertainment, or a fan site, we always look for alternatives to save that article for archival purposes without having to screen capture the page one-by-one, portion-by-portion.

With the help from this app called , converting your bookmarked pages to a PDF file on your iOS phone is made easier. Whether you are riding the train, prepping for a big meeting, hanging by yourself at a coffee shop, or taking advantage of the library’s free wi-fi, getting that webpage as a constant reading material on your iOS device is easier to accomplish. Read more

Animals Shake: Free Fun Learning Game For Kids

Another compelling way to engage your kids in studying important lessons is through the use of kid-ucational applications. A great number of educational apps, don’t forget download-worthy, have been already presented here in Applatter. But, we will never stop giving you more choices. Lo and behold, here’s another treasure that will surely invade your iOS device in no time. Introducing your kiddo’s new teacher, if I may say, Animals Shake.

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