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Word-A-Fall: The New Generation Word Game

There are people who are just ridiculously good with words, and there are others who just have ridiculously deft fingers. It takes serious skill to possess a good command of the English language and maybe even a greater skill to own a very good pair of hands. Test how quick your mind really is with Word-A-Fall, Just Mobile Programs has a new word game that tests your mental ability and manual dexterity.

In Word-A-Fall, players are tasked to tap on as many falling tiles as they can within two minutes. If you’re slow, you run the risk of losing the tile you want in seconds. The different game modes available pretty much make up for the $1.99 price tag.

Hit the link to learn more.

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Asva the Monkey HD: Simple yet addictive fun

Cambodian developer Osja Studio used traditional Khmer elements to conjure up a wonderful puzzle game to test your wits. If you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game that can give you a bigger bang for your buck than most of the available mobile apps on the market, look no further. Just download Osja Studio’s Asva the Monkey.

Find out why Applatter highly recommends Asva the Monkey after the jump.

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Improve your sleep with Effective sleep – Alarm Clock

As someone who suffers all too frequently from poor sleeping habits, learning how to sleep effectively is a must for me. This is why, when I finally got to try Pavel Matviienko’s Effective sleep – Alarm Clock, I was more than thrilled to use it.

It is little known fact that sleeping too long or at the wrong time can cause our bodies to feel tired and worn out. The amount of time sleeping in bed does not guarantee us feeling well-rested once we wake up. In the end, maximizing sleeping patterns is far more important than spending ten hours in bed.

A sleep cycle consists of five stages and different brain activities, and waking up at the right stage gives us a refreshed feeling. It is therefore important to wake up at the end of a cycle rather than in the middle stages.

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Easy A-B-Cs with Bubbo Pop!

Children in their early years are receptive to what their superiors (i.e parents, teachers, and siblings) are offering them. From simple gestures, habits, and even way of thinking, they can easily adapt and make the influence of others as their own. The same thing goes for educating them. Just like everybody else, repetition makes everything seem easier and it can also enhance one’s comprehension by creating patterns of what they see. Remembering the days when my mother cuddles up to me every single night, a booklet in hand, teaching me the alphabet in my own phase, I now see the essence of her continuous effort to make everything park in my brain. It was effective, though. Because I became a bookworm, then.

Since toddlers of today would prefer browsing through a smart phone rather than a book, then it might be better to teach them through an application instead! With this compelling application called Bubbo Pop, kids will have a tighter grasp on the alphabet in a jiffy! Take a look at this iOS app review to learn more about this “kiducational” software!

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PreggoBooth: A Simple Pregnancy Simulation App for Everyone

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like with a growing belly inside of you, then you should definitely give PreggoBooth a try! It doesn’t matter if you’re a single lady or a little boy–looking like you’re 6 months pregnant is absolutely possible with PreggoBooth.

Finally, girls don’t need boys to be preggers!

Fun? Check.

Unique? Check.

Free? Until February 1st this year!

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iOS App Review: Animals Babies and Homes

One interesting chapter in a kid’s life is his instant inquisitiveness with the things that surround him. No matter how big or small an object is, or how serious or funny his question is, or if the idea he presented is real or superficial, a curious mind can never be stopped. Agree? I’ve been there or rather we’ve all been there so I think it’s no longer an issue if kids do act like that—naughty and full of queries.

On the bright side, I guess we should be happy that kids do ask us things even though they can’t fully comprehend it yet that much. From what I see it, I feel like it’s healthy because it only shows that they are eager to learn and expand their horizons, even at a very young age. Teaching them with educational stuff is way better than just letting them waste their time watching cartoons or playing video games, right?

Speaking of curiosity, one of the most asked questions by our dear young fellows refers to the wide species of the animal kingdom. Have you been in a situation wherein your kiddo suddenly asked you the query, “Where do animals live, Mom?” or “Do animals have kids too, Dad?”. Well, whether you have been there already or are having this eerie feeling that one of these days your child will pop those questions, then this is your lucky day. With Gil Weiss’s newest application, your little one’s queries will be easily answered. How? Through the use of the app. *Wink!*

Continue reading this iOS app review to get more details on this must-try iOS app.
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IDBuddy: Your Trustworthy ID Manager

Some people treat their identification cards as if they are just random calling cards comparted inside their wallets. This is the reason why most of our IDs are left outdated and expired. There are also number of times when bringing all your IDs can be a bit annoying because no one wants the bulk of a sturdy wallet inside their bags or their back pockets. Organizing your IDs and even keeping track of their renewal and expiration dates can get tedious because admittedly, most people who own a handful of different IDs consider the task of renewing and remembering the renewal dates a laborious but humdrum activity.

And hey, who doesn’t go through the embarrassing juncture of being blocked from a building because you forgot your IDs and any forms of an authentic identification? It happens to me all the time, and I’m sure it happened to the rest of the world too. Sometimes, no matter how godly your looks are, your charms don’t help in convincing the security guards that you don’t possess any records of facial profiling.

These simple dilemmas could be the reasons why AppLabs Digital Studios developed this 24/7 virtual ID manager called IDBuddy. While organizing and renewing all your IDs might be too time-consuming for you, IDBuddy will be there to constantly remind you of your important IDs and leave you out of plain misery. IDBuddy will allow you to take photos of your identification cards and have a virtual dead ringer ID! You can even set an alarm for some IDs that need renewing so you’ll never have to save face when you are accidentally flashing an expired ID. With IDBuddy sitting pretty on your handy smart phone devices, you and your several IDs will be joined at the hip, 24/7! Read more

iExplorer HD: A Multi-Purpose File Management Tool

Now that 2012 is drawing a close, it’s safe to assume that a new year means better business.

One of the good things about the current technology available at our fingertips will always be mobility. Nowadays we only have to take our mobile device (read: iPad) with us to access work-related files in a jiffy.

When it comes to managing files, Zhigang Chen’s iExplorer HD takes things to another level as it lets you access plenty of your files and lets you complete tasks anywhere you go.

iExplorer HD allows you to connect to remote servers such as Dropbox, Google Docs, WebDAV, and even SkyDrive. The productivity app is packed with features for your business as it is essentially a key to all the files you’ve got tucked somewhere. Reading files (including eBooks!) can take bit of time, though, since you will need to fully understand how the entire business application works and what it can do for you.

And once you’ve successfully synced your files, you can always view files offline if the server is not reachable.

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iOS App Review: iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition

It’s Christmas! Yay! And aside from Santa Claus, presents, bonuses, 13th month pay, carols, and other tangible things related to this most-celebrated season, Christmas also means holidays and vacations! Agree? I love vacations. Who wouldn’t like it? I certainly believe that both young and adults look forward to this annual event.

During this Christmas season, it’s a reality that kids result to just hanging out with friends, playing computer games, or just boring themselves to sleep and eat the whole day. Admit it, you once did the same when you were still a kid. I think it’s just normal especially with kids since they get to do the stuff they really like during their no school days or vacations, like the Christmas season that is. And for moms and dads out there who would like their children to do something productive during these times are usually failures, if I may say. It’s natural, on vacations it’s really hard to encourage your kiddos to study their lessons, do household chores, or behave well since for them these days are their freedom days. Well, here’s a confession: I can attest to that because I’ve been like that when I was still younger. Oooppss!

But wait! If you are really itching to make your kids study their lessons without compromising their time for entertainment, today is your lucky day! (Aside from the fact that it’s not yet the end of the world—My apologies, I just want to say it.) As your Ms. Santa let me present to you my early Christmas present, my newfound app that is definitely worth of your and your children’s time. Who knows, this could be the mighty tool that you need to make them spend their time or vacation wisely. Without further ado, let me introduce to you .

Read the rest of this iOS app review to learn more fascinating facts about iTooch.

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Run from doomsday with TheEndApp!

If we, mere mortals, are to adhere to the Mayan Apocalypse of the world ending too-soon-now come December 21, 2012, we better get our essentials packed and ready before doomsday catches us unpacked and unready. But since we all have our own, different set of beliefs when it comes to apocalyptic conspiracy theories and prophecies, we can choose to just stick to other scientific or religious beliefs, ignore the Armageddon drama, calm our nerves, save the packing for another decade or two, and continue to improve our practical, ordinary lives.

A lot of experts have debunked the drama that surrounds the End of the World Mayan divination but since some people continue to probe into the mystery where there really is none, Internet propaganda and campaign about the Judgment Day to-do lists are still abound in the curious world of spectators. Truth is, the day of reckoning is so beyond us humans because we haven’t even found any firm and accurate answers regarding our birth and evolution.

And since people are really into this foreign prophecy that signals the end according to the Mayan calendar, various forms of media interpretation from film to the internet continue to feed the monsters by supplying their own scripted version of apocalyptic drama. We can choose to look at this as entertainment or as a disturbing prediction; it’s all up to who and what you want to believe.

See, that Tolstoy-length analysis (for a single app review!) that I just made about apocalypse could be a sign that even I am exploring hard over this. Actually, what really made me look inquisitively into this was the app called TheEndApp from Goroid. TheEndApp is a runner game with a post-apocalyptic premise. The idea is to run and collect as many duct tapes and Camp Center necessities all for the sake of post-doomsday survival. Read more