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Send Cute Messages with Talking Bear Hugs

Valentine’s day may already be over, but sending sweet messages to your loved ones will never lose its appeal. Aussie start-up AppVillage created Talking Bear Hugs to allow any iOS user send personalized messages in the cute and cuddly voice of a cute and cuddly bear.

Isn’t he cute?

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Get Your Daily Fill Of Rock n’ Roll With “Band Of The Day”

Since the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s, up to its culmination in the early 60s (God bless The Beatles!) and so on, discovering and listening to new songs everyday has become a natural inclination for music lovers. Music  had become a big instrument for social and cultural movement, and was touted as one of the most expressive art forms ‘til now. Some people listen to music as if their whole lives depend on it. I can relate to those people because I owe much of my job to the songs that I listen to—I cannot ever write a single article without some music on.

And as music continues to progress, with range of different music styles morphing into another genre of progressive rhythms, searching for the obviously good songs can be a bit of a hard work. For fans of the ear-shattering riffs and for groupies who spend most of their lives stalking rock bands, or rock band hotties for that matter (eyeroll), a new iOS app called Band of the Day will help your fixation of looking for the best music that has yet to become a mainstream favourite in the airwaves. Band of the Day will introduce you to new bands every day and will even allow some free streaming to serenade your eardrums more. With bands ranging from alt rock, progressive rock, grunge, indie rock, and psychedelic rock genres among others, looking for your daily dose of rock n’ rolla won’t need an encore! Read more

Find the difference — CatchPlus!

“Spot the Difference” is a classic game that is enjoyed by many. Whether you are spotting the differences of two pictures in tabloids, magazines, or an application, this beloved game is a shoo-in for being a perfect game when you need to while your time away.

There is no better way to enjoy Spot the Difference than to have your own pictures cloned and retouched in order to become a couple of images available for your own spot the difference enjoyment! Get ready for Sioo Interactive Inc.’s new app called Find the Difference – CatchPlus! CatchPlus is a free social game that will allow Spot the Difference lovers to have their pictures be the object attraction for players by uploading their pictures on the app’s facebook account. With your pictures available for a spot-the-difference-play, rest assured that you will never get tired of playing this game over and over!

And the good things don’t end there! While players are exercising their keen eye sights, they will likely discover new deals and earn rewards from the app’s sponsors! Now I’m spotting the difference of this app from the usual spot the difference. Read more

“Hueless” Will Make You See Pictures In A Different Light

As the famous saying goes, “the world is not in black and white.” The world is not in black and white but there is still something very special about monochromatic style of photography that makes people take or print their pictures in B&W. The stark colors of various shades of gray are what make black and white photos remarkable and nostalgic. Every time we see pictures or portraits that are strikingly taken in black and white, we can’t help but yearn about the golden movie era or think about the story that the images tell. Most images that are shot in black and white imply something that is sentimental, historic, or in some cases, controversial.

Also, because of the power of black and white photos, artists and photographers alike delve more into this idea because of the artistry that lies in its genuine simplicity. Famed black and white photographer Ansel Adams is just one of the many photographers who opt for a stylized monochromatic approach when taking his subjects that often tell the story behind nature and the urban life. This photography style brings more layers to the subject than just a beautiful surface.

There is quite a plethora of photo-manipulating apps in the app market designed for people who want to make their photographs become more dramatic. It is quite easy to look for apps that can turn your photos into full-on B&W or sepia mode, but only a few from those apps are outstanding. Very rarely will you encounter an amazing (seriously amazing!) app that can hold true to its promise of a fine B&W portrait. Hueless—a black and white camera app for iOS—happens to be one of those outstanding few. Read more

Let Foodsnap Do The Calorie-Counting!

There are numerous times when not going beyond your usual dietary measures can be easier said than done. Time comes when all the temptations of good food are laid out in front of you, and you are standing there being helpless because your nutritional obsession suddenly turns into oblivion. And while there’s definitely nothing wrong with that, in the end, you are taken aback by all feelings of guilt and regret just because of what you ate. Why stress about your calorie intake when there’s an app that can aid your diet woes?

If you are the typical diet martyr and you are often overwhelmed by your calorie intake, then get this calorie counter app called on your iOS devices, stat! With Foodsnap installed on your smart phones and tablets, thinking about how much you’re about to gain is easier to deal with. Also, it can help you moderate your intolerable appetite for everything sweet and sparkling! Read more

Sink Your Fangs into “Turn Off The Lights”

This year might be the time when the vampire obsession finally dies down… Well, maybe just a bit. Not that I’m wishing for it to just head off their murky, unlit turrets because to be perfectly honest, I am a vampire fan myself. It’s just that, this is the year that the cult-film-turned-mainstream-cash-cow Twilight franchise finally sings its swan song. And even though nobody from that series even came close to how beautifully terrifying Bram Stoker depicted his Dracula, the sparkly franchise still made a history for itself which I am sure, will be imitated time and time again.

In lieu of the recent farewell to the nocturnal heroines’ event, I guess my system is still in for some vampy casual application. Get ready for ! It’s just another vampire application (sigh) that will, somehow, deliver the cackles and the minor oohs when it comes to casual gaming. What fictional vampire was ever fond of bright, glaring lights? The same impasse counts in Turn Off The Lights. Even if the consequences involve having to sparkle when you get inside of light’s way, vampires still won’t approve of illuminations and the sun. In Turn Off The Lights, players will have to figure out the formula of the puzzles in order to turn off the lights and spoil your vampire’s habit of mutilation.

Wake up from your faux coffins, little fledglings! And start sinking your teeth to this immortal application.   Read more

App Review: Neon Blitz

Neon lights were a huge hit in the 80s. It was a part of the punk and new wave social scene that always left a feeling of ecstasy among the Gen X people. Every party—from wild house parties to mad warehouse parties—was always decked out in shocking electric glows of neon tubes and light bulbs.

In this new day and age, people who are huge fans of the fluorescent blues and greens and pinks can finally enjoy the neon madness on their Android and iOS gadgets. Meet the sequel to the well-received Neon Mania called Neon Blitz! Neon Blitz, just like its predecessor, is another neon line tracing game that will let you uncover images of incandescent figures like shapes, landmarks, planets, signage, and music and food symbols. Blitz your way through different puzzles and let your eyes pop out for the beaming visions of neon glows! Read more

App Review: Boxthebag

Boxing has become one of the go-to exercises or sports when a person wants to lose weight fast. It’s a challenging social sport because it requires people to use and train all of their body parts. People who are big fans of boxing practically beef up just to maintain a certain strength and stamina required to actively engage into the game. Some even swear to boxing being the ultimate fitness regime as it tones all your muscles and make for up a lean, ripped abs.

I was never interested in boxing. But, because my father thinks he’s somewhat a disciple of Rocky Balboa when he’s done daydreaming about being an alter ego of that famous character, I kind of tolerated the sport. I only look closely at boxing when I saw this movie, The Fighter, because Christian Bale’s character of Dicky Eklund grew amorously on me (oh Lord, he’s so good in that movie).

If you are one of the many who like to delve into the practice of boxing without having to go through hours of classes of pad works and sparring, then maybe it’s time for you to try this app called Boxthebag. The best thing about Boxthebag is that it’s a virtual boxing app for iPad. It will really train your coordination and agility, and will help you achieve greater fitness and bod. The idea of this awesome app development flirts with boxing fans and fitness enthusiasts alike. The concept that you can do a sparring session anywhere with a virtual 3D punching bag is really neat and convenient. Whether you are up for a sweaty night of losing carbs, or you just need to let off steam after getting nagged at by your boss in the office, this app will certainly help you let it all out. Read more

Easier Gift-Giving With Giftly!

One of the best and most fulfilling things that we can do to our beloveds is to shower them with gifts and grant them their gentle wishes. There is quite a satisfaction every time we witness a family member or a friend, or even a loved one, break an ear-splitting grin when they receive little tokens from people who care for them. Even if some of their desires burn a huge black hole into our pockets, it’s still a nice feeling when you know that you make them happy and smug.

But sometimes, because of work fulfillment and other stuff eating up our free, leisurely, non-work schedules, we fail to scour the mall, and hunt down the gifts that we are vying to give our dearests. Sometimes, because so much of our time is devoted to other obligations, we tend to forget about our promises of cool gifts and friendly perks. Even if you’re the most frugal and the cheapest person in the history of ever, you are still not liberated of having that awful feeling that creeps up every time you forget about the special days in our special people’s lives.

Giftly, a San Francisco-based gift card service company, recently released a free iOS app called Giftly. Giftly will certainly make gift-giving less a hassle and triple a joy. With Giftly, thinking about getting a loved one his or her gift becomes less of a pain in the arse because as their tagline says, Giftly is better than a gift card. Instead of the usual process of looking for gifts, Giftly allows users to gift their loved ones with a more personal token of endearment. You can either give your husband the most soothing spa service that he’s swooning over, or get your promoted friend her wish of a lush and sparkling bottle of Bollinger La Grande Annee Rose and make her feel like a million bucks. Giftly presents an endless bout of ideas that will make your coterie think of you as a walking, generous and glamorous Santa Claus. This app is that regal! Read more

App Review: My InstaStory

People turn to Instagram instantly when they have captured something that is worth-sharing to friends and other people around the globe. Sometimes, even the tinniest things like a strand of a shiny grey hair, or dirt in a shoe is Instagram-ed because those pictures, for some people, hold a special story behind their being flimsy. And with the addition of age-old, sepia’s worth of filters, the results become cooler, and even more memorable. The only bad thing is when your point is not successfully taken, and you’re flooded with comments saying “This is non-sense”, or worst, “What is this?”

Now, telling stories using your Instagram photos is easier because of this new app called My InstaStory. My InstaStory is a free iOS app from Insta Story Inc. which allows Instagram users to create a slideshow of their Instagram photos and turn it into a short video complete with music and dramatic transitions. With My InstaStory, it is simpler to tell the world the stories behind your cryptic Instagram photos. Whether you want to create a slideshow of your Instagram-ed wedding photos, a scrapbook of how your year banged, or a cluster of concert photos that you can’t get over with, you can do so with My InstaStory. Also, it is more enjoyable to view the slideshows because of the apt background music scoring your epic InstaStory. Read more