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Jellyflop!: A Throwback To The 80′s

If you’ve played the classics Alleyway, Arkanoid, Brick Breaker, or any brick-breaker games, then you should know what to expect from this newly released app that I’ll present in this app review.

Just to give you a brief introduction of the classics, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’s 1989 Game Boy-based Breakout clone, Alleyway is a game where you rebound a ball to a paddle into rows of breakable bricks. The objective is to clear the game area of bricks while keeping the ball from falling into the pit at the bottom.

Now, allow me to take you to a nostalgic experience as I review this Android app that’s sort of a throwback to the 80′s popular games, but this time this one made it even more appealing with its remarkable twists and humorous approach. I bet you’re ready.

Can a jellyfish fly? Well, find out after the break.

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