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AbiTalk’s Fun Math Facts: Learning Numbers The Fun Way

Math had never been this fun and easy for kids! With AbiTalk‘s educational application called , teaching the little ones about numbers and the basic mathematical operations will not be a gigantic sore for parents and teachers alike!

By leveling up your teaching strategies, children can start ditching their aversion for math as they can now correlate it with enjoyment instead. If you want your child to embrace math, then read on to learn more about this educational application made for the fast learning of children and the ease of teaching of their mentors.

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Numbers Galore With “Math Tricks” and “Math Formulary” For Android

There is just no escaping math, ain’t it? Every where you go, every twist, and every turn, there are numbers. It’s an age-old fact. But as numbers are there for millions and millions of years, it’s also a given fact that a huge percentage of the human race would want nothing to do with math—or the hard ones at least. Mathematics is a piece of cake if you’re pertaining to the four basic operations but come the extreme-looking ones (say hello to algebra, geometry, and trigonometry!) we hide behind our eyelashes with our tails tucked between our legs. And have you heard about the Euclidean Plane? Gosh! Math has some serious people-pushing issues! When math becomes a person, he’ll surely be a Sheldon Cooper.

Think that mobile applications are full of games? Well, think again. Applications catering to number-problem-solving individuals are sprouting in the app market, people! Math has no intention to hide and leave everything untouched! Even Applatter has been previously kissed by it! I have always treated math as an eye-sore but I’ve come to accept that dealing with it is the best form of coping rather than taking flight whenever it’s in front of me.

So, get your mathematical gears ready for two math applications compatible with your Android devices! No more stalling and pencil tapping because will surely make your number aversion disappear!

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