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Move The Box (Steal The Box) for Android

There’s some sort of pull that applications concerning match 3 boxes are creating in the app-sphere. There are even three Applatter reviews (Crazy Boxes Push The Box, and Move The Box) concerning the square containers prior to this one. It was quite a hit a few months back because the usual game play of switching similar icons in a match 3 game was spruced up with new movements like dropping and sliding. Nutty twists were affixed to the basic game but let’s not forget the origin of the whole experience. So take a look at this Android app review as I talk about a clear and mundane app called Move The Box (Steal The Box).

Fond of exercising your logic? Read more about the app after the cut.

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Clean the Dock and Move the Box

Are you just sitting on the dock of the bay, having that far-off look, and wasting time by allowing the tide to simply roll away?

Well, get ready and prepare yourself for some errands with Move the Box.

If you’re a casual gamer and you’re on the lookout for a time-killing machine then this innovative, brain-teasing gaming app is meant for you!

Let’s start cleaning the dock right after the jump.

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