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Popular Tweets: Know What’s Trending

Thanks to the power of social networking sites, people are more up to date with the latest events in their country, city, or even community. One of the most prominent sites out there that proved to be efficient is, of course, Twitter. With summarized news mixed with personal opinions that people blurt out on their accounts, it has become a tool for gathering not just current happenings because it now acts as a social hub for finding out what the “in-thing” on pop culture is. May it be a sensational band, a social event, global breaking news, or even rumors, a simple hash tag can spark it up your country’s trending topics.

If you’re using Twitter as a platform for knowing what’s going on but you’re not fond of tweeting per se, then check this app called Popular Tweets where you can browse all the trending topics of a specific country or city with just a click without opening your personal account!

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Discovery News: Your Day-To-Day Chronicle

Everyday a lot of things happen around the globe that is why the importance of acquiring facts and getting updates is indispensable. The society depends on what they see, hear, and read on the news which became the key source of credible information.

News is a form of communication presented into different types of medium such as print, broadcast, and web. It is also spread through word of mouth by a third-party or mass audience that is passed from one person to another. Through news, people are able to assimilate the current event starting from politics, economy, weather, and other important actuality of the world.

We can now access worldwide news straight from our own electronic device using by Discovery Communications, maker of Discover Channel. Do not allow yourself to be left behind from headlines everyone is talking about in the planet. Read more