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Express your Love: 5 Couple Apps for Android

Getting into a relationship requires love, trust, patience and most importantly, time. However, living in this fast-paced world gives us so little of our time to spend just a minute or two with our special someone. Now the question is: How can couples kiss and make-up in this app-obsessed world? The return of “Little Miss Cupid” is here! Today, this app review will shoot your hearts with my bow, arrow and My Five Couple Apps for Android!

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Endless Bond With “Pair”

To all the love birds out there who just can’t grasp the thought of a long distance relationship because time and distance apart is just too much to bear, then check out this new application specially made for your longing hearts.

All sorts of platforms have already been created to bridge the gap between people. Isn’t it over the top to always see cheesy and heart-filled messages on your feeds? If only we could shout, “Get a room!” or much better, “Get your Pair app!”

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