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Create a Photo Masterpiece with PhotoTangler Collage Maker

I love taking photos, especially during the momentous events of our lives. If I have a hefty amount of stash, I would love to own a state of the art camera and probably take a photography class. I would love to learn the proper approach on taking photos. Owning a camera is not the only thing we need to get the best shots. We need the knowledge and skills too. A successful photographer requires to have proper editing skills. I admit that editing is my number one weakness. Photoshop is not my bestfriend to begin with. I have no patience in using it. Therefore, I turn to easy photo editing software and website. If you feel the same repugnance when it comes to photo editing, there is an app developed for people like us. Capture the memorable moments, edit, and combine it in an easy way with the PhotoTangler Collage Maker.

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Create Your Own Cartoon Images with Caricature Maker Pro

Do you still remember the app called Cartoon Camera? Yes, Cartoon Camera is one of the coolest Android camera applications developed by Fingersoft. This photo app helps you inaminate your pictures through the use of six different filters. It lets you transform images into cute cartoons in an instant—just by pointing your camera at your target subject and start shooting like a pro.

On the other hand, if you are not convinced enough with the fascinating functions that Cartoon Camera offers then might as well try this other cool photo application called Caricature Maker Pro. No, unlike Cartoon Camera, Caricature Maker Pro doesn’t allow you to shoot cartoon images instantly but it helps you create a very interesting imitation of yourself and your loved ones in an amusing and entertaining way. Are you eager to have a cartoon clone or see your cartoon-self? Great news! Caricature Maker Pro is the answer.

For and users.

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Kabaam: Turn Your Photos into a Comic Book!

Ever wondered what real life would look like as a comic?

Well, how about turning your photos into a comic book with just a few swipes of your fingers?

No need to possess the power of a pen or a pencil, Kabaam is here to the rescue!

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Be Enchanted by Lumiè

Have your everyday snaps a boost by adding bokeh effects!

Lumiè by Nostalgika

In photography, bokeh is the blur in a picture’s out-of-focus area. The term came from the Japanese word boke (暈け or ボケ), which means “blur”. It usually looks like a blurred image with octagonal-shaped diamonds dots.

Now, step up your photography skills in this handy application. Read the app review after the jump.

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Polaroid Nostalgia with ClassicINSTA

There is an umpteen collection of photo editing applications that swears to bring a breath of fresh air in the overcrowded field of classic filters. Good news is that there is an app that reproduces all the features of an instant camera (or a Polaroid), from operations to results.



by Misskiwi, originally called ClassicPOLA, is a stylish photography application that has a huge collection of filters and is capable of taking instant-like photos, much like the Polaroid effect. This app works both with the built-in camera and with photos stored in the camera roll.

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Face Off and Have Fun with Face Hole Fun

Wanna be someone else and feel the surge of a new life? Then here’s something that will allow you to be whoever you want!

Face Hole Fun by Greyson Boerner

Wear your new self in style right after the jump.

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O RLY? Memefier!

Do you love laughing at memes and want more of ‘em? Are you having a hard time unleashing your inner troll? Then this app called Memefier will surely rock your boat! You can now transform yourself and your friends into your favorite internet meme with just a snap of a finger.

It’s no question that internet memes have become large in a minimal span of time. Basically, it is a comical way of expressing one’s thoughts or observations. The exaggeration that comes along with the memes are beyond hilarious and with this, Appkraft developed Memefier to further spread the “meme-ness”!

Available for . (Free)

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The Hipster Revolution: Hipstamatic

From grunge clothing that demand attention to vintage, classic cameras that capture these picture perfect outfits, this can only mean one thing – the hipster movement has begun. Back in the days, scarves, fedoras, plaid polo shirts and lomo cameras were the big thing. Nowadays, despite the obvious height of technological advancements, everyone is dying to get their hands on the classics.

Out came the vinyl records, grandma’s vintage clothes and film cameras. Just the feel and look of old time grunge makes everyone giddy with delight. Hipster items so in the now are the Holga, Lomo and Polaroid cameras. So while others luxuriously spend their riches scouring stores for the amazing find, like a Minolta SRT-201 35mm camera, here is an app that’s sure to win your hippie heart over – the Hipstamatic. Read more