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Create Your Own Cartoon Images with Caricature Maker Pro

Do you still remember the app called Cartoon Camera? Yes, Cartoon Camera is one of the coolest Android camera applications developed by Fingersoft. This photo app helps you inaminate your pictures through the use of six different filters. It lets you transform images into cute cartoons in an instant—just by pointing your camera at your target subject and start shooting like a pro.

On the other hand, if you are not convinced enough with the fascinating functions that Cartoon Camera offers then might as well try this other cool photo application called Caricature Maker Pro. No, unlike Cartoon Camera, Caricature Maker Pro doesn’t allow you to shoot cartoon images instantly but it helps you create a very interesting imitation of yourself and your loved ones in an amusing and entertaining way. Are you eager to have a cartoon clone or see your cartoon-self? Great news! Caricature Maker Pro is the answer.

For and users.

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Toon Time with Cartoon Camera!

We all dreamt of being a cartoon heroine way back when. We had our fleeting delusions of being Popeye, Captain Planet, the blokes from Voltes V, the flimsy from-rags-to-riches-Disney-princesses and whatnot. Even now, when cartoon characters include an animated cheese-looking sponge and an exploring Dora, we still have this weird inkling of becoming animated and enjoying animation.

Now, turning yourself into a cartoon and sharing it to the world is just one app away. Get animated with for Android and see yourself turn into a posterized chap or a sketchy comic book superhero in just one tap.

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