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Star-blasting with Asterism!

Taking hold of another inter-galactic application called Asterism, I was pushed back to nostalgia. Remembering times where games are simple yet provides no room for boredom. Talk about the brick game! The influx of intricate mobile software that obviously refurbished the age-old games we grew up with became a gateway for people to higher their standards regarding applications. Not that it’s wrong, I just feel like they’re missing out on the real essence of gaming: using your brain. So it’s great to have this new application called Asterism that makes use of a retro game play and even design.

With simple instructions and a user-interface that looks like it’s from yesteryear, people will be taken up to the galaxy through this exciting physics game! Read more of this Android app review to know more about Asterism.

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Chicken Story 2: Stolen Nests

Sympathize with a distressed hen as she sets forth on battling evil monkey thieves whilst looking for her stolen nest! Challenge yourself with this physics-based mobile game created by Health Pack Games and feel a sense of fulfillment as you reunite a mother looking for her babies.

Deem yourself fit for some monkey dropping and nest hunting? Learn more about Chicken Story 2 by reading the rest of this app review after the cut.

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