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App Review: Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere

One of the most common problem an app-monger battles head on is the process of searching for a particular app in the midst of all their downloads. If organizing them according to their categories by creating folders on their device’s list of apps is not on their plans, inevitably they’ll start to find that browsing through all their app pages is a tedious process that wastes not just time but their batteries. Though some people have OCD with their smartphones, the tendency to still play hide and seek with their apps will always be there. As for me, what I find most frustrating is the need to always go back to my home screen just to open another app. At first, I had no problem with it but through time, I started looking for ways in which I can navigate my device in the shortest way possible.

Good thing SchizTech has this app called that allows users browse through all their apps via a sidebar that appears when you slide your fingers on your screen. Learn more on how you can have this efficient application by reading the rest of this Android app review.

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App Review: Location Alerts

Wouldn’t it be swell if we’re to have someone or something remind us of what we’re supposed to do or even send text messages for us when we know we wouldn’t be able to hold our phones? For the reminding bit, yes, there are quite a number of apps dedicated to do just that but what if we roll it into one with an application that can both remind us of the things we have to do and send out text messages or dial calls? I bet that’s going to be a wonder unto itself because forgetting is as innate as breathing unless you have a photographic memory. But if you’re a common app monger who clings on mobile software to make your routinary life more bearable and easy, take a look at Location Alerts, an app triggered by your vicinity, which can do all the mundane things for you.

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Snap2PDF: Your photos turned to PDF

Students and professional may have encountered this: piles and piles of documents that keep on growing by the minute! I remember when I was in college, from my Political Dynamics handouts to all the photocopied chapters of the reliable dissertation we used for our final paper, I had a hard time telling what is what. As a lazy student, I have been fond of taking snapshots of our note-filled whiteboard whenever a class ends but it’s not always helpful since I can only capture so much and it’s pretty confusing to go back through it. And having to bluetooth the photos to my just as lazy friends is such a chore as well.

I know that it’s not just me and definitely, up until now, there are many who are still under the same fate regardless of this time’s modernity but imagine if you can take snapshots of your documents and turn them into an efficient PDF file ready for smooth browsing and sharing… It’ll definitely be amazing! And what if imagining it won’t be needed anymore? Say hello to the application we’ve all been waiting for: .

This app is your very own mobile scanner for those important documents, files, bills, and some other papers you’re holding on to. No more messy build ups of forgotten but vital documents on your table because with Snap2PDF, organizing them is a piece of cake!

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URL2PDF: Converting Webpages to PDF Files Made Easier

There were times when we’re browsing the internet on our smart phones and we suddenly came across a promising article that we wanted to save in its entirety. We often experience major moments of being a fan and sometimes, we just wanted to tear that webpage right out of our screens, and print it if possible. Today’s ultra-modern technology makes us depend highly on the information that the internet offers. There are even some who instantly turn to the web when they’re in dire need of something to include to their annual office presentation.

This is a usual dilemma for people who are too absorbed in reading internet articles. Be it gossip, news, entertainment, or a fan site, we always look for alternatives to save that article for archival purposes without having to screen capture the page one-by-one, portion-by-portion.

With the help from this app called , converting your bookmarked pages to a PDF file on your iOS phone is made easier. Whether you are riding the train, prepping for a big meeting, hanging by yourself at a coffee shop, or taking advantage of the library’s free wi-fi, getting that webpage as a constant reading material on your iOS device is easier to accomplish. Read more

Keep Track of Your Tasks With 30/30

We all have our moments of major procrastination. Sometimes, it’s just so easy to lose yourself into something and forget about your tasks. When that happens, we usually beat ourselves to death because we didn’t meet the deadline or finish a certain job. It sucks that sometimes, our assignments are over-pouring and there’s nothing that we can do than work endless works. Now, you can manage your time advertently with this free app called 30/30.

30/30 is a productivity app developed by Binary Hammer. It’s a task manager for devices that is designed to help you—busy, working individuals—manage your tasks at hand. If you’re stuck in the office with piles after piles of paperworks, and you’re sulking in regret that you failed to accomplish any of it earlier, 30/30 is the app that will help you with your office woes. It’s very easy; get the app, note down your to-do list, set a time for each, and start the timer and get on with your work. The minimalist approach to the app is what makes it user-friendly. The interface is also lovely with its decorative icons and cool presentation. Easy, hassle-free, 30/30!

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Keep On Track With Wunderlist

Ever have those days when you are swamped with work, and you don’t have any idea how to knock off your tasks easily? Don’t stress over managing your tasks. Organize your life with the amazing Wunderlist! See how WUNDERful it is after the jump.

Wunderlist by 6Wunderkinder

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