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EnviroPop: An App That Saves Marine Lives

The depressing state of our marine wildlife provides an avenue for environmental organizations and concerned individuals to push their advocacy for conservation to up a notch. From fund raising fun runs and even dire calls for donations, international groups are keeping themselves busy as they take on one goal: the betterment of Mother Earth by restoring the balance of nature. And how can we acquire the world’s composure if we don’t even have the slightest sense to cooperate? If you’re not up for a mile run or your pocket can only cough up a few dollars, worry not, because you can still collaborate even through meager ways and in the comfort of your own sofa!

For tile-matching puzzle addicts with good hearts, this application brought to us by the blue-ribbon partnership of the World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines (WWF) and app innovator, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. called EnviroPop, will give a chance for app-mongers to virtually and literally save the lives of various underwater creatures through tapping and swiping! Check out what the app has in store after the cut.

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Color Fusion: Match the colors

Brain-bending puzzles need not have complex rules. It’s better to have the players scratch their heads off because of a frustrating challenge rather than have them breeze through simple puzzles once they’ve caught up with the whole gist. Not naming any apps, but there’s this particular game I’ve been playing for months. It’s a great stress-reliever and at the same time, your logic will still be exercised. But after a couple of days or weeks of play, it became too easy. A characteristic that I doubt Color Fusion will adapt in the long run.

Fond of testing your skills when it comes to mind teasers? Then grab your Android devices and let your brain do cartwheels trying to figure out Color Fusion!

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Sudoku Zong-Ji: Test Your Mind

Brain teasers had always been one of the greatest pastime of humanity. In those times when life was simpler, where there’s not much to think about, no technology to run after, people can still squeeze in a couple of mind games as a form of relaxation. Isn’t it great how they unwind through a mental game? While in this day and age, more and more people are avoiding applications which require the use of brain power. Ah, but hope is not yet lost, because there are souls out there who refuses to succumb to the madness of endless runner games. Are you one of them? If it’s a yes, then this is your lucky day because here’s Sudoku Zong-Ji, the newest addition to your brainy apps!

 Are you familiar with this numerical game? Then read on for more information about Sudoku Zong-Ji after the cut.

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Whack the Bugs with Critter Crunch

All work and no play? No way!

While BlackBerry devices are popular for transporting wireless enterprise data and email, they’ve also been more adept at hosting mobile games.

Critter Crunch by Jirbo

If you want a simple gaming application that can flex your mental muscles with its fresh visuals and interesting gameplay, then get ready to dabble in the enchanted island of Critter Crunch, a place where sucking up other critters and eating them up until they pop are legit.

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Free Your Brain With Unblock Me

Mind twisting games will never get old. As a pastime or even just a way to vent out those frustrations, playing is definitely one of the best ways to let your brain go on overdrive without the risk of using it far too much. For some, relaxing means putting themselves in a “no thinking mode”, but for me, relaxation and thinking should not be exclusive — unless it’s for sleep. Good thing there’s Unblock Me.

With Unblock Me, a puzzle game by Kiragames Co. Ltd., laxing your way through a game has never been this challenging.

For  and . (Free)

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