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GO SMS Themes: For Ladies, Music Enthusiasts, and Beach Bums

It’s no doubt that most of us nowadays are really attached to modern technology. And generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, we are able to easily finish the tasks assigned to us because of it. Hail those tech geniuses!

Because of the deep involvement we have with our most cherished gadgets, some of us even end up buying a variety of high-end accessories or installing the best apps available in the market. We tend to dress up our gadgets in every possible way that we can. Addiction? Some probably will say “yes”, but I would like to think that it’s just a part of the thrill that technology has entailed to us. Along with this “hobby”, as I may say, here are some of the cool themes that you can install on your Android devices. With GO SMS apps, developed by, your treasured phones will get additional color and flavor in no time.

GO SMS Pro Lady Club Getjar Theme, GO SMS Pro M-Party Getjar Theme, and GO SMS Pro Ocean Theme.

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365 Days of Personal Assistance – All for Free

With the numerous tasks that have to be done nowadays, most of the time it pays off to have someone, a personal assistant perhaps, who will guide and remind you with your daily schedule. But in reality, not all of us can afford or is lucky enough to have someone who will do that job for us. Oh, how I wish I have my own assistant too – the feeling must be extremely relieving. But since I can’t have that privilege for now, and my hopes for having my own personal assistant are still high, I choose to have a dependable app that I can trust and rely on. Read more

I’ll Make You Way Cooler!

You think you’ve made your photos cool with all your photo editor apps? You can still make it way cooler!

Way cooler is the newest app that instantaneously allows you to create a deteriorating yet artsy type of photos. You think that’s cool? Wait till you try its fantasy features.

Cooler Features:

  • It allows you to choose from 6 different free categories: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, and other bonus items that will let you transform yourself into different characters. Read more

Note to Self: I Must Have a Noteshelf

Writing is something that has been my passion since I was a kid. I actually don’t remember how it started or what made me do it. It may have resulted from various aspects and influences in my life, or simply just an inborn inkling that has been awakened from its deep sleep. I really have no idea. All I know is that colorful pens and notebooks have been my ultimate friends ever since. I received no Whiting or Pulitzer Prize awards for my blood-and-sweat-created articles, but I’m proud of them. Love your own work! HAHA.

If you’re a professional writer or a desperate one just like me, you definitely know how bad it feels when you have an idea in mind and you’re itching to note it down but can’t find a way. Read more

Picture Perfect Private: Keeping Photos Safe from Prying Eyes

Privacy has become an issue in the technological world. Gone are the days were people would keep every tiny detail to themselves. From Facebook to Twitter, everyone just loves to share what’s on their mind. Photos, videos and even thoughts that used to be personal are now broadcasted all over the world. Still, is it too much to ask for a little secrecy and a hint of privacy? Read more

1, 2, 3… Pose!

Fashion fever is already here, and it’s definitely bound to stay. Gone are the days when we are restricted to limited clothing brands and styles. It’s actually funny how history is able to influence and change the way we dress and look. The fashion trend also has its own evolution – from classic, old-fashioned, contemporary, gothic, tacky, to modern – and it’s continuously changing at the present. A lot of names and terms have been called to describe the fashion styles around the globe – hippie, rugged, classic, preppy, formal, casual, hobo, punk, jock, artsy, emo, and fashion forward – there’s surely a name that will match your clothing sense and taste. The bottom line: change is inevitable and the same goes for fashion. Bid goodbye to monotonous outfits and say hello to colorful and striking garbs.

Photo credit: It’s All About Woman World

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Tattooed on You: Ink by Ink

Tattoos have long been dubbed as taboo. Yet, this notion still has not hindered people from getting their bodies inked. A form of expression that is incomparable to doodles on drawing pads, tattoos become a physical part of the person signifying spiritual growth, an unavoidable change that had occurred or an unparalleled personality to which cliché clothing fail to express. In a sense, tattoos have not only become a means to freely express oneself but delve into an even deeper meaning to that person’s existence.  Like the famous Johnny Depp stated, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

While some people have their tattoos all planned out, some simply get inked out on a whim. I plan on getting myself inked by the time I turn 25 for reasons I do not wish to comment on further. However, for those who are planning to get tattooed but a bit curious as to how a tattoo would appear etched onto their skin, here is an app that is sure to answer all your “inkling” questions – Tattoo You. Read more

The Hipster Revolution: Hipstamatic

From grunge clothing that demand attention to vintage, classic cameras that capture these picture perfect outfits, this can only mean one thing – the hipster movement has begun. Back in the days, scarves, fedoras, plaid polo shirts and lomo cameras were the big thing. Nowadays, despite the obvious height of technological advancements, everyone is dying to get their hands on the classics.

Out came the vinyl records, grandma’s vintage clothes and film cameras. Just the feel and look of old time grunge makes everyone giddy with delight. Hipster items so in the now are the Holga, Lomo and Polaroid cameras. So while others luxuriously spend their riches scouring stores for the amazing find, like a Minolta SRT-201 35mm camera, here is an app that’s sure to win your hippie heart over – the Hipstamatic. Read more