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Zombie Smasher: Tap ‘Em to Kill ‘Em!

Think that zombies are being pushed out of the popular circle? Think again! The rise of series, movies, and mobile applications focusing on worldwide annihilation through a super strain of rabies or some sort of air-borne virus has pushed developers to make their own quirky apps starring the well-celebrated antagonists. May it be cute and aggressive garden plants or bad-ass artillery that’s in the front line of the brain war, the flesh-eating somnambulists almost always, never prevail. But it all depends on the game play and the elements available to kill them. Would you mind destroying them using your hand? What if, your fingers?

Sound ridiculous? Maybe. But here’s an app called that’ll put your tapping skills to the test! Read more of this Android app review for some additional tips on squishing dead people.

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Walking Dead: The Game

The so-called end of the world had been predicted by one too many Nostradamus fanatics throughout the course of history. While some may sound ridiculous and very much far-fetched, there are some forecasts which tugs close to reality. May it be their imagination’s brainchild or a vision in their dreams, there is something about the thought of Armageddon that makes us all do a double take. Now, something tells me that it seems like humans has this inclination of watching movies or reading materials focusing on the untimely demise of the living. Although some may find this morbid and a waste of time, I, on the other hand, do find enlightenment and thrills with the idea of worldwide annihilation. Throw tomatoes at me not, dear readers, to each his own.

Somewhere across the line of world destruction and the possible recurrence of the ice age, what I find the most interesting and scary as hell (pun intended) is the idea of a zombie apocalypse. Ain’t it mad to see civilized people eat each other’s innards? Even though this makes every hair on my body rise, zombie movies and series are my all-time favorite—and let’s not forget Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video! And in addition to my delight, the television series that I am addicted to now has a mobile app game. Hold on to your seats as I give you a run-through of the .

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