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Zombie Smasher: Tap ‘Em to Kill ‘Em!

Think that zombies are being pushed out of the popular circle? Think again! The rise of series, movies, and mobile applications focusing on worldwide annihilation through a super strain of rabies or some sort of air-borne virus has pushed developers to make their own quirky apps starring the well-celebrated antagonists. May it be cute and aggressive garden plants or bad-ass artillery that’s in the front line of the brain war, the flesh-eating somnambulists almost always, never prevail. But it all depends on the game play and the elements available to kill them. Would you mind destroying them using your hand? What if, your fingers?

Sound ridiculous? Maybe. But here’s an app called that’ll put your tapping skills to the test! Read more of this Android app review for some additional tips on squishing dead people.

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