TomTom U.S.A.: Drive Safe and Sound

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On July 31, 2012
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TomTom U.S.A. app is a navigation app developed by TomTom which aims to help daily road travellers get on with their drive.

Road traffic is one of the worst villains that we have to conquer on a daily basis. It’s unpredictable and very annoying. It can cost you your job; even your life. Okay that’s heavily dramatic, but, why annoy yourself with traffic woes when there’s an app called . which can help you navigate traffic and change your route without the hustle and bustle? Say goodbye to being the fast and the furious and get your fill of daily traffic info with this neat car application.

TomTom U.S.A. app is a navigation app developed by TomTom which aims to help daily road travellers get on with their drive. Unlike other GPS-integrated car applications, TomTom U.S.A. stores all the map data into your iOS devices even without mobile signal for internet connections. The app has accurate traffic data that will be provided to you every two minutes for a better travel. It uses real-time GPS information from LIVE, DoT (Department of Transportation) cameras and speed sensors, and other portable navigation devices. The slick interface enables you to see your current speed and speed limit, your distance to the next turn that you are taking, and the current local time. While the TomTom U.S.A. application retails for a hefty sum of $49.99, expect the best features that only an app like this can offer.


  • Traffic plug-in in HD
  • Adaptive routing
  • Free map updates via Mapshare
  • Accurate arrival times with IQ Routes Technology
  • Easy integration with your iPhone or iPad contacts, photos, music and calendar
  • Local search via Google and Facebook
  • Share your route via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail
  • iPod player support
  • Designed for both devices

Drive Smoothly

- The quality of the map is very nice and pleasing.

- The app turns into automatic “night mode.”

- The palettes of the interface are configurable.

- You can customize your app with different map colors, car symbols and in-app purchases.

- Live updates and help for rerouting.

- For a price of $20, you can purchase TomTom Traffic for a better navigation.

- Apt traffic data

Drives me mad!

- The TomTom app eats up almost 1.5 GB (!!!) of your iOS device.

- It can be quite slow when loading.

- Battery monster.

- A bit too expensive.

- Common complaint from users is that, when you update the app, all the previous data stored are wiped out.

Jango approves!

First things first, this app is really helpful. Yeah, it may be a bit too pricey for a normal guy about town, but I can attest that TomTom has apps within the app itself. It has several services which are really accurate. It can help you navigate smoothly. It can help your radar when going home drunk. The music slowly fades out when the app is giving updates, which is really awesome. It’s cool. And it will help you from being thisclose to being fired due to tardiness.

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TomTom U.S.A.: Drive Safe and Sound
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