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Thomas Wanschik

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On February 12, 2013
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An app to remind you that you're special someone is thinking of you the same time you do!

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As the international day of celebrating romantic love is drawing near, couples are being wound up together by the increased oxytocin in the air. One thing’s for sure, the pressure is on for the love bugs! There’s just too many an idea of what you can muster up for your special someone on that much-awaited day, but sometimes, it’s not the flowers and the chocolates that turns their spine into jelly. Most often than not, the simple reminder that you’re thinking of them is enough reason for their incessant fits of hysterical infatuation.

But wait, a little bird told me that there’s an application that can do exactly that. You know, send out love-filled messages via a couple app—because text messaging is so overrated! Kidding aside, let me introduce to you this app called Twosome. Cute, eh? Know how you can possibly turn yourself into a giant cheese ball by reading the rest of this app review after the cut.

Although there are other forms of media that can be used by couples to talk privately, the appeal of having their own ground they can call “theirs” is a good sell for them love struck individuals. If you’re planning on making your honey bun fall deeper in love with you this coming Valentines Day, why not start off with simple gestures of affection with Twosome?

Twosome is the brainchild of Thomas Wanschik which is a cross-platform couple application that sends out automated love messages to users that have paired up. After downloading the application, the couple would have to bump their phones—mildly—in order to create a bond through the app. Both users will then receive push notifications at the same time making the lovers think about each other simultaneously.

For those who are under a long distance relationship, Twosome may be an additional application that can strengthen the bond between the two of them. Since the app can be used with both Android and iOS devices regardless if the users are using one each, more couples can make use of Twosome to remind themselves that your apple of the eye is thinking of you because you’re both reading the same cheesy quote.

However, I’m seeing loopholes with this app especially with the bumping process it needs to launch. What if your partner is already oceans away… how can you possibly bump phones to activate the app? Also, the number of messages and time you’ll receive it in a day is not indicated. I’m not sure if it only sends out one message a day or not. Nonetheless, it might also be great if users can type in their own messages and then set it on a specific hour making the app more intimate.

Of course, I appreciate the good-natured thoughts behind the app. For busy bodies, Twosome may provide an avenue for the hard-working couples to take a few minutes of their time and send a much more heart-warming message other than the general thought that the app sends out.

If you feel the need to unpair *knocks on wood*, you just have to tap on the icon on the right most corner of the screen. Letting go of the bond you created is just as easy as when you bumped your phones.

All in all, Twosome requires a lot of improvements because it really doesn’t offer that much. But if you and your partner is up for it, then go ahead and download the paid app for $0.99 in the and . And since the day of hearts is but a few nights away, the developers decided on putting the app on discount! You can get it for half the original price for a limited time.

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