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App Review: Middle School Math 7th Grade for iOS!

Dealing with mathematics have never been this easy with mobile applications integrating well-loved game plays with learning! And when it comes to educational apps, heaps are for toddlers while there’s only a few bundles for young adults. It may not be everyday that you get to see self-help applications meant for middle schoolers, but here’s an app to somehow fill that void: Middle School Math 7th Grade.

Teenagers have this absurd notion that they can evade math. It’s later in life that they’d realize that it’s a part of our day to day that we can never run from. But lessons that seem to have no connection at all with what we do every single waking hour is definitely a chore to comprehend. Say goodbye to old-school teaching and get to know more about this iOS application that’s designed for the learning and entertainment of 7th graders.

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Sudoku Zong-Ji: Test Your Mind

Brain teasers had always been one of the greatest pastime of humanity. In those times when life was simpler, where there’s not much to think about, no technology to run after, people can still squeeze in a couple of mind games as a form of relaxation. Isn’t it great how they unwind through a mental game? While in this day and age, more and more people are avoiding applications which require the use of brain power. Ah, but hope is not yet lost, because there are souls out there who refuses to succumb to the madness of endless runner games. Are you one of them? If it’s a yes, then this is your lucky day because here’s Sudoku Zong-Ji, the newest addition to your brainy apps!

 Are you familiar with this numerical game? Then read on for more information about Sudoku Zong-Ji after the cut.

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App Review: Location Alerts

Wouldn’t it be swell if we’re to have someone or something remind us of what we’re supposed to do or even send text messages for us when we know we wouldn’t be able to hold our phones? For the reminding bit, yes, there are quite a number of apps dedicated to do just that but what if we roll it into one with an application that can both remind us of the things we have to do and send out text messages or dial calls? I bet that’s going to be a wonder unto itself because forgetting is as innate as breathing unless you have a photographic memory. But if you’re a common app monger who clings on mobile software to make your routinary life more bearable and easy, take a look at Location Alerts, an app triggered by your vicinity, which can do all the mundane things for you.

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Un-Pick Up Lines: Don’t Ruin Your Love Life

Exchanging a few words with the opposite sex can be quite nerve-wracking when you have that inkling of a romantic interest with the other person. The need to always look good and say the right intellectual comments can build up one’s tension which oftentimes end up making them continuously babble out nonsense. Remember that the key here is to maintain your cool and recall what you’ve read in applications meant to teach the proper ways of how to get a date or make somebody find you interesting enough to call you the day after. You can refer to the app market for multitudes of mobile applications that give basic to situational tips on sparking up a conversation or finishing a date with flying colors.

But guys, knowing the right things to make a girl swoon won’t guarantee that you’d not blurt out something so slap-worthy that you’d feel your date’s hand on your cheek for weeks! Better gear up as I introduce to you an app that lists down all the unconventional and unfit phrases that you should never in your life mindlessly utter to a lady. Intrigued? Then read more of this app review to get the low-down on Un-Pick Up Lines!

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Jelly All Stars: A Cute Casual Game

Casual games may already be a dime a dozen, but that didn’t stop the Berlin-based developer Immanitas Entertainment from making a surprisingly refreshing contribution to the saturated world of stacking/puzzle games.

Welcome the full version of Jelly All Stars, an entertaining stacking puzzle game filled with unique features and optimized for iPhone 5. If you are up for the challenge of sorting jellies by color while the jellies fall down from the sky at a rapid pace, then make sure you have $0.99 in your iTunes account ready. (The app’s worth a download, though, we promise.)

From the cute graphics to the familiar yet unique gameplay, Jelly All Stars is a nice addition to anyone’s app collection. It may easily remind you of a revamped Tetris game, but Jelly All Stars has exploding stars and growing jellies–I’m sure everyone wants to try something like that!


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iOS App Review: Animals Babies and Homes

One interesting chapter in a kid’s life is his instant inquisitiveness with the things that surround him. No matter how big or small an object is, or how serious or funny his question is, or if the idea he presented is real or superficial, a curious mind can never be stopped. Agree? I’ve been there or rather we’ve all been there so I think it’s no longer an issue if kids do act like that—naughty and full of queries.

On the bright side, I guess we should be happy that kids do ask us things even though they can’t fully comprehend it yet that much. From what I see it, I feel like it’s healthy because it only shows that they are eager to learn and expand their horizons, even at a very young age. Teaching them with educational stuff is way better than just letting them waste their time watching cartoons or playing video games, right?

Speaking of curiosity, one of the most asked questions by our dear young fellows refers to the wide species of the animal kingdom. Have you been in a situation wherein your kiddo suddenly asked you the query, “Where do animals live, Mom?” or “Do animals have kids too, Dad?”. Well, whether you have been there already or are having this eerie feeling that one of these days your child will pop those questions, then this is your lucky day. With Gil Weiss’s newest application, your little one’s queries will be easily answered. How? Through the use of the app. *Wink!*

Continue reading this iOS app review to get more details on this must-try iOS app.
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Animals: Bounce your way up!

Zoos are created to nurture wild animals and showcase them to humans with a good-natured purpose: knowledge. The creatures there are being taken care of and as much as possible, zoo keepers are making them feel like they’ve never left the wild. For those which are born and raised there, the vast jungle and their natural instincts might be altered but for those which came from the “outside” will eventually get homesick and find a way to escape. Yearly, there are cases of animals figuring out a way to jump over the barricades of their man-made homes, some end up the way everybody planned that is to get it back to the zoo while some are too much to grasp forcing authorities to take down an animal. Sad as it may seem since the animals are only acting on their survival whims, but so are the humans. Good thing that this next application I’ll be telling you about doesn’t involve killing any kind of animal. Heck, it kinda seems like you’re even helping them wild creatures totally escape! Guide the cutiepatootie Lion as he bounces up and down to his freedom in this fun and engaging application called Animals. Read on for more of this Android and iOS app review after the cut.

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Can You Guess The Movie?

I remember my parents’ first attempt to bring me to the movie house. I was dressed perfectly for the piercing air conditioning system– jeans, t-shirt, and a denim jacket. I was 6, and the movie was rated as PG-7. The movie that we’ve planned to see that time was Jurassic Park. You guess what happened? They didn’t let me in! They told my parents that I don’t look like a 7 year old girl. They have great discriminating eyes that a one year age difference became salient. My brokenhearted parents and I just went for a stroll. Goodbye, Jurassic Park movie.

As I grew older, I realized that I acquired a deviating laud for movies. I can watch the cheesiest romantic flick to the scariest movie ever created. I guess I’m a chameleon to adjust to any type of movie. Because of that, I can easily elucidate a movie just by seeing a poster. Well, it is still not that easy as I’m not that familiar with the classics. The only classic films that I’ve seen were from the film showing in school and a couple of Audrey Hepburn movies. Want to test if you really are that good when it comes to movies? Download the Guess The Movie app on your iOS device.

is one of the quiz apps that will test your photographic memory skills when it comes to movie posters. Sure you have taken movie quizzes, but can you guess the minimalist posters from millions of movies produced worldwide?

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La Cucaracha 2: Save A Cockroach

Not once did I thought of insects as friendly creatures. As far as my vendetta for them goes, they are heartless members of the biosphere that only has two goals in life: procreate and scare the heck out of humans—okay, maybe just a significant percentage of the populace. The thought that they’re too cunning and can sometimes be unbelievably small gives me long-lasting goosebumps! So imagine my reaction when one of ‘em living things belonging in that category of species landed anywhere on my body. I will turn into a screaming and scratching monster that bounces up and down. Although when they’re far from me, then it’s alright. Squashing them won’t be my initial reaction.

As for cockroaches that are considered by many as repulsive insects, would you ever think of saving them instead of spraying them with insect killers? They might not be good at anything but nipping almost everything they can find in your house—even yourself—and flying like a bad-ass helicopter but what if one needed your help? Take a look at this iOS and Android app review to find out if you’re eligible to guide one cockroach to safety with La Cucaracha 2!

Would it be so hard to think of them as cute even for a minute? Get to know Benny the cockroach hailing from Mexico and see for yourself how his fate turned out by letting his greed control him.

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Top 3 Thai Recipe Apps for iOS

It’s not only the Chinese, Japanese, and the Koreans whose national cuisines are being embraced worldwide. Yes, their delicious masterpieces might be the top sought after concoctions in Asia—or in any other continent—but the other yellow-skinned countries also have a lot to take pride for. An example of which is Thailand with their rich blend of spices and ingredients that makes their delicacies crave-worthy. Although their food might look bland caused by the simplicity of its color, believe you me, it’s far more than what meets the eye. From the first bite to the last, expect some good ‘ol yummy goodness that will keep you asking for another serving!

Since Applatter likes Thai cuisine so much (read on other Thai recipe apps), here are three more additions that should be included in the list. So instead of dining out, why not try and make your own Thai meal with these apps that’s sure to guide you in the process or stretch your tongue and say the food you want instead of pointing it out on the menu to the waiter. *wink*

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