Monster Stack 2: Don’t Let Them Go Hungry

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On February 8, 2013
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Give the monsters their food by stacking them on top of each other! A challenging physics-based game with cute graphics to boot!

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What do monsters eat for dinner? Shame on you if you still think that they’re out to gobble your feet while you’re sleeping. We’re already too old to believe that monsters thrive under our beds, lurking and waiting for the right moment to attack. Because truth be told, they’d rather chow down a scrumptious chicken leg or a steak. You’ve probably watched one too many Disney movies concerning the humanitarian aspects of monsters so it’s just about time to let go of your childish fears and aid the fluffly-looking monsters reach their food with this app called Monster Stack 2 instead!

Unleash your charitable spirit as you play this physics-based game that is basically a brick game with a freakish twist. Read more of this Android and iOS app review right after the jump.

It seems like Health Pack Games has done it again—making its players get in touch with their innate sense of fortitude in helping those in need, even though virtually. Remember Chicken Story 2? With yet another compelling physics-based game straight out of their app factory, app-oholics may find Monster Stack 2 as a gateway to fully say ta-ta to their fright of unknown creatures.

Monster Stack 2 is a challenging mobile software for Android, iOS, and Windows created by Health Pack Games. It involves a handful of cuddly looking oddballs that needs their afternoon snack. The goal here is to make them sit on top of each other and stay balanced until they reach that yummy steak! Battling the laws of physics and the obstacles on your monster tower, players must create the strongest set-up possible on making a sturdy tower.


Le old brick game—monster style! 

Health Pack Games should take pride on their amazing cut-scenes presented at the start of a game play. They can even make it their very own signature, for all that matters. Just like their previous app, Monster Stack 2 has main characters in need of help but this time, instead of hunting for lost nests, the feeble monsters are trying to reach their food.

The game play

By tapping on your screen, a monster will appear and all you have to do is place it on the platform where it will stay put. Make sure that you’ve placed it well-enough to make it hold other monsters solidly. Just like a brick game, and as what its title suggests, you will have to stack the monsters on top of each other. There are 25 levels under the Original game mode wherein players must make a sturdy tower of monsters to make the last “piece” of monster reach the food.

In each level, the number of monster you’d have to stack is relative to how high the food is. Also, the size and shape of each cuddly buddly also varies so be wary of the next monster in line. You can see this by referring to the opaque shapes on the bottom of your screen.

As you progress, the level of difficulty is going to increase. Treat this as a brick game if you may, but what’s different is that the monster won’t be dropping down from the sky. You may take your time stacking them up because the real challenge here lies on how many seconds will they hold up. After the last monster eats the food, a clock will appear to test out your tower’s durability. If it does good, then you can proceed to the next level.

Since it’s a physics-based game, expect some rolling over and toppling if you misplace a monster. You can still try again though, because all levels are re-playable, making use of a trial-and-error method.

Create Your Own challenge

Under the network category, one may find the challenges created by other Monster Stack 2 players. By tapping on the hammer icon, the app will take you to the page where you can build your own puzzle-like obstacles for the other players to try out. Objects like the platforms, crates, rolling barrels, and even the colorful, cute but weird monsters are under your mercy. You can opt to create complex challenges or even simple ones. But it’s always a nice touch to think of something innovative, something that the developers didn’t make in their default levels.

An internet connection is needed for players to enjoy the uncanny puzzles in this category and to publish their very own designs as well.


If you play well enough and even device some perfect move, you can earn your fair share of achievements. As a reward system, the app will push you to outdo yourself by giving you these virtual praises. And another great thing is that your score will be saved so you’d know how good and how of a noob you are. *wink*

Key Features

  • 25 unique levels
  • Health Pack Network with cross-platform achievements
  • Support for Android, iOS, and WP7
  • Localization in 12 different languages
  • Well-illustrated graphics
  • Eerie sound scoring which helps the over-all mood of the app

Yes, the app has this sort of like X-Files type of background music which undeniably made it more interesting. The fact that the graphics were too cute to handle made the macabre sound effects seem out of place but it did balance the over-all appeal of Monster Stack 2.

Harrie the Monster Stacker

From the looks of it, the app is a refurbished brick game without the pressure of trying to catch each block because you’d be the one placing them on the screen. Another great game offered to us by Health Pack Games for the affordable price of free! Hooray!

Monster Stack 2 is a game that not only entertains but flexes its players brain muscles by giving them challenges that are well-thought of. The app can get you hooked for hours, playing with the friendly monsters and letting them munch on their favorite chicken and steak. Oh, before I forget, the fact that players can create their own challenges and the whole thought that there is an inter-connection between Monster Stack 2 players is a feature that needs more recognition. It’s like imprinting your mark on the app! Cool, huh?

If you want to try the app, you can have it on your  , and even Windows phones! Get it now to keep the monster’s tummies full!

Watch the video below to know more about the app:

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Monster Stack 2: Don’t Let Them Go Hungry
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