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Engage your toddlers aged 2-5 in a compelling edu-play with this fun educational app by 9 Lives Digital.

Children in their early years are receptive to what their superiors (i.e parents, teachers, and siblings) are offering them. From simple gestures, habits, and even way of thinking, they can easily adapt and make the influence of others as their own. The same thing goes for educating them. Just like everybody else, repetition makes everything seem easier and it can also enhance one’s comprehension by creating patterns of what they see. Remembering the days when my mother cuddles up to me every single night, a booklet in hand, teaching me the alphabet in my own phase, I now see the essence of her continuous effort to make everything park in my brain. It was effective, though. Because I became a bookworm, then.

Since toddlers of today would prefer browsing through a smart phone rather than a book, then it might be better to teach them through an application instead! With this compelling application called Bubbo Pop, kids will have a tighter grasp on the alphabet in a jiffy! Take a look at this iOS app review to learn more about this “kiducational” software!

First and foremost, apps that are meant for kids must look the part. Since kids are more into visual learning, developers are not just competing with the over-all effect of the app because its aesthetics should be appropriate and appealing to their target market as well. Hence, the bright colors, quirky characters, and softness of the whole app. Adding to the roster of cute and impressive applications for children that the Applatter team has reviewed is Bubbo Pop!

is an iOS application for children created by 9 Lives Digital. It stars Bubbo, the joyous and happy dinosaur which guides children as they learn the alphabet, its small counterpart, and animals while they’re popping bubbles! Fronting a 3-D finish, Bubbo Pop has more than what meets the eye. Making use of positive reinforcement through a reward system, this application that’s made for iOS devices is one great tool for parents who are making their children recognize the alphabet.

Hi there, Bubbo! 

With 9 Lives Digital’s plan on creating more educational and entertaining applications for children in their early development years, they have released Bubbo Pop! alongside their very first Bubble TumTums character, Bubbo. So, do wait for their upcoming applications and see who the next chum’s gonna be.

Now, Bubbo Pop!, is an app which has different levels and lessons that gradually changes within a single play. It starts out with Bubbo pulling his red trolly, later to be filled with stars. Players will then have to press Bubbo’s belly to make him release a handful of bubbles with letters inside of it. A question regarding the alphabet will then be asked. To answer it, players must tap on the bubble that corresponds to the right response.

When a player fails to tap on the correct bubble, the app will push them to try again. Since children will be the one answering, it’s a great feature that the app won’t flash in an “x” symbol since it can gather negativity in their meager mind. Bubbo Pop! encourages them to get the right answer instead of giving up. There are no skipping of questions, by the way. It’s another aspect of the app that I love because it can further instill the images of the letters to the player, which can notch up their recognition.

With each right answer, players will be rewarded with stars that Bubbo will safely tuck inside his trolly. To proceed to the next level, one must first collect a total of five stars. At the end of each level, players can unlock one of our dinosaur’s epic dance moves! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier that aside from being your trusty guide, he’s also a lean mean dancing machine!

What your kids can learn through Bubbo Pop!: 

  • Recognize letters from A-Z and learn to pronounce them correctly by listening to the clearly articulated voice-over
  • Distinguish small from big alphabet
  • Learn the sequence of alphabet
  • Learn many words, encompassing objects and animals
  • Spell simple words

Key Features

  • Groundbreaking interface that’s actually fun
  • A reward like never before — awesome dance moves!
  • Lots of interesting animation including the funny antics of Bubbo
  • Easy game play for children’s comprehension
  • Upbeat sound scoring which adds to the fun experience

Harrie befriends Bubbo

In this day and age where technology has took hold of a brand new way to execute education, 9 Lives Digital has indeed created a magnificent app for the betterment of children. Smart devices are now used as a medium for digital education and it’s obvious enough that parents, members of the academe, and of course, the developers are celebrating this positive innovation.

In line with this, Bubbo Pop! is a sure download-worthy application that can benefit children and aid parents. Its 3-D finish is one of its higher points that very much appeals not just for toddlers but for adults as well (ehem). With the engaging game play and fun graphics of Bubbo Pop!, parents can never go wrong with the app!

You can download the app for free in the Apple App Store but do take note that it only functions on the new releases of iPads and iPhones.

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Easy A-B-Cs with Bubbo Pop!
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