Asva the Monkey HD: Simple yet addictive fun

Cambodian developer Osja Studio used traditional Khmer elements to conjure up a wonderful puzzle game to test your wits. If you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game that can give you a bigger bang for your buck than most of the available mobile apps on the market, look no further. Just download Osja Studio’s Asva the Monkey.

Find out why Applatter highly recommends Asva the Monkey after the jump.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard With Qwanz

The birth of the internet and various social media sites allowed us to become a rodent of our own cyberspace. The internet can be the Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to gathering important information or even when you’re just “soft googling.” Because of our habitual use of the web to voice out our opinions, rants and even good points, we easily attract web bashers, or better, a considerable amount of social media following.

For some reasons, the internet hold good for people who have something sensible to say. We’re lucky that we’re living in a world where we easily find our niche using computers and the continuously advancing modern technology. For the proto-punks and the hippies of the 70s, they use various cultural movements to defy or rather, stand up to “the establishment.” But since we’re living in the now, being online gives us the will to say what we think, search for groups who share the same advocacy or belief as ours,  and share it to the world.

A new app called Qwanz is developed to allow users to influence decision makers, let their opinions be heard, mobilize support, and find a community within the app which shares the same perspective as them. Qwanz is an opinion diagram where you can start polls and comment on other polls that land on the category of your interest. Just like the app’s slogan: “One voice cannot be heard, but thousands together cannot be ignored.” Read more

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The BeaverKarts Fever

Do you consider yourself as one of the coolest people on the planet? I think this is the right time to reweigh your postulation because there is a Beaver in the valley who performs spectral activities. Sounds cool for you? Stunts, tricks, and flips—I bet some would claim that it’s just a piece of cake. The Beaver can do those things to a greater degree with the help of a customized kart. The question is, are you ready to challenge the hunky dory Beaver?

BeaverKarts by Rust0 is the latest game app that will take you into a nonstop adventure with a customized kart. Do twists and tricks before the oil in your kart runs out. BeaverKarts is equipped with loads of challenges that you have to complete to move to the next level. If you think it’s simple, well I challenge you to play the game.

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Find Property On the Fly with CommonFloor Property India, India’s leading property portal, is now using their vast knowledge base of 120 cities and over 55,000 communities to release a mobile app that will help you find property on the fly. The mobile app offers augmented reality and map based property search to cater to a person’s complete residential requirements.

Searching for a desired apartment for buying or renting now becomes easier in India.

App features and download link after the jump.

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Android App Review: Slots by Ruby Fortune

The game developer of Slots Palace Casino is back to captivate the minds of online gamer once more. Get the chance to hit the jackpot through Slots by Ruby Fortune, the newest released application of mobile-slots.  It is available to all Android- mobile and tablet- users and can be downloaded for free in .

The stress of switching pages or game applications is now over because Slots by Ruby Fortune is here to aid the dilemma of most global slot users. Those who are looking for real casino game experience should give it a try.

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Pop Farm: Play with Cute Farm Animals

The company behind MapScratch and NoIMGdata offers one addictive app that raises the most-loved match-three game to the next level. Pop Farm is a match-three game that is a bit similar to EnviroPop, only better.

What makes Pop Farm very unique from all the match-three games in the market is that the addictive game offers various seasons, and each season puts a unique twist to the traditional match-three game.

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Main menu for Pop Farm Winter Season

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Pangolin: The Ultimate Arcade Game for Your iPhone

While pangolins are the little known anteaters found in Southeast Asia and Africa, these creatures are already endangered. Just like EnviroPop, Feedtank’s Pangolin increases awareness of the plight of these scaly anteaters while providing tons of fun to the mobile public.

With the app’s superb visual appeal and addictive game, Pangolin is one app you’ll keep and play forever on your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad).

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Chat and Draw with SquibbleBox!

In this day and age where you can simply connect to a free restaurant wifi or even pocket in your router, more and more smartphone users are relying on technology to send out messages either through their social media accounts or free chat services via a mobile application like Viber. Consequently, spending money on text messaging suddenly became too extravagant and people are resorting to using the internet to talk to their friends. It has more perks, obviously, starting with the fact that it’s free!

Want another app that you can fool around together with your friends even though your miles apart? Then look into this Android app review of SquibbleBox, the go-to chat application of creative people!

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MapScratch for iOS: Great App for Travelers

Last month Applatter was able to review DevStorm’s NoIMGdata app. It was an app capable of pinpointing the location from where the image was taken, as well as removing the EXIF data embedded in the image.

This time, let’s take a look at MapScratch, DevStorm’s app that does more than just reveal an image’s geo location. The photo app offers a fun way to discovering the location and finding out where that nice looking beach or exotic plants and wildlife are located.

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Improve your sleep with Effective sleep – Alarm Clock

As someone who suffers all too frequently from poor sleeping habits, learning how to sleep effectively is a must for me. This is why, when I finally got to try Pavel Matviienko’s Effective sleep – Alarm Clock, I was more than thrilled to use it.

It is little known fact that sleeping too long or at the wrong time can cause our bodies to feel tired and worn out. The amount of time sleeping in bed does not guarantee us feeling well-rested once we wake up. In the end, maximizing sleeping patterns is far more important than spending ten hours in bed.

A sleep cycle consists of five stages and different brain activities, and waking up at the right stage gives us a refreshed feeling. It is therefore important to wake up at the end of a cycle rather than in the middle stages.

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