Globetrotting with Guess the City!

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Miklos Magyar

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On February 6, 2013
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A game that tests out your knowledge about world-renowned cities!

I’ve not met a single soul that doesn’t yearn to pack their suitcases and see what the world has to offer. From breath-taking photographs to beautiful descriptions we read and hear, it’s no longer questionable why each and everyone of us has this particular place in mind that we would like to visit before we leave this ethereal planet.

Acquaint yourself with world-renowned landmarks of well-loved cities around the globe with this iOS application called  Whether you’re traveling the world through reading books or you’ve personally hopped continents in the past few years, this mobile gaming app is sure to test out the traveler within you by asking you to name what city a popular landmark is located.

We’ve all had our fair share of fun answering different versions of the infamous logo quizzes and it was really exciting while it lasted. Not that it has lost its glamour, but there are tons of other apps that has refurbished its game play and even thought of other topics to quiz people about. And here’s one that can get your heads wound up again!

is a quiz app created by Miklos Magyar. The app contains five levels, each having 18 pictures of landmarks in it that users will have to locate. After answering correctly, a map icon will appear above the image in which users can tap to see the benchmark real time via satellite. Apart from that, it has also a Wikipedia integration for further knowledge about the historical grounds.


Let’s start guessing the cities!

There’s an option in the settings page of the app where you can type in a username of your choice. But you can still start playing even without finishing this process. For those who are using a device that your whole family shares, it’s better to create your account so you can keep track of your progress. You can also reset the whole game to start anew.

There are 5 levels in Guess the City! and the next level won’t be unlocked if a player was not able to correctly answer a number of questions in the prior level. Each level contains pictures of 18 landmarks.

If you answered correctly, a check mark will appear on the screen. And if you go back to the page where all the pictures are seen, you’ll notice that there’s a map icon on top of the city that you’ve rightly guessed. When you tap on it, it’s going to show you two maps, normal and satellite, so you can see where exactly in the earth it is located. Oh, another thing to take note of: Aside from the map, it also has a Wikipedia integration. See how cool this app is? It’s not only giving entertainment but knowledge as well!

If you’re having trouble guessing the city, fret not, there are clues available at your disposal. The more questions you answer, the higher number of clues and answer keys you’ll accumulate. There are in-app purchases for this, if you really want more clues. Head on to the in-app store if you’re focused on answering the questions lazy-style. Kidding! 

Key Features

  • Amazing graphics for the landmarks
  • Clean user-interface
  • 2 available languages: English and Hungarian
  • Real-time maps to show the exact location of the landmarks
  • Wikipedia integration with each landmark
  • Sharing options: Facebook and Twitter

End Note

I thought that this was just going to be another mediocre quiz game that pushes you to delete it after you’ve exhausted all your free clues and answer keys but, of course, it is not. The fact that you can see the map and even read all about it through Wikipedia is a great feature that I encountered only now. So, kudos to the developers for this!

This is definitely an app for the enjoyment of the whole family! By looking at the popular monuments, buildings, or historical remnants, players’ ability to remember places can be tested out. Although the photos aren’t real, they do resemble the landmarks like crazy so you won’t go raising your eyebrows at it. Guess the City! deserves a five-star rating from Applatter since it involves playing and learning with a game play that’s sure to catch the attention of app-mongers.

. Download it now and see how many cities you know!

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Globetrotting with Guess the City!
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