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On February 6, 2013
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A puzzle game where players are to match the colorful particles to its target of the same hue.

Brain-bending puzzles need not have complex rules. It’s better to have the players scratch their heads off because of a frustrating challenge rather than have them breeze through simple puzzles once they’ve caught up with the whole gist. Not naming any apps, but there’s this particular game I’ve been playing for months. It’s a great stress-reliever and at the same time, your logic will still be exercised. But after a couple of days or weeks of play, it became too easy. A characteristic that I doubt Color Fusion will adapt in the long run.

Fond of testing your skills when it comes to mind teasers? Then grab your Android devices and let your brain do cartwheels trying to figure out Color Fusion!

This psychedelic app is a fresh addition in the Play Store. With less than 2 weeks in the app market, it’s already verging on getting a thousand of downloads even though it is a paid app. For starters, it does involve a unique game play involving “reflective mirrors” and colorful glowing particles. Wanna know more? Then read on.

is a multi-leveled puzzle game for Android devices created by Ready Set Gamedev that centers on a simple yet hard to execute game play. Players are tasked to arrange the mirrors that acts as a leverage for the glowing particles to bounce towards their respective targets. The app has 65 levels with each having an increased level of difficulty from the last. The game is re-playable and there are no number of lives to exhaust.

Fire away, fire away! 

The rule is easy, place the mirrors on the grid so the glowing particle will bounce off of it in the right direction aiming at its target of the same color. Initially, there are three colors that interchanges between levels namely: blue, green, and red. On your screen, you will see what is called the “emitter” (origin of the light particles) and its target. Basically, you will just have to make sure that the light particles travel directly to the target. Oh, and they should be of the same color!

The mirrors that can be used will be displayed on the right side of the screen. It’s in your discretion where you’re going to place it to advance to the next level. On the picture above, you’ll see that the emitter is on the left most while the target is at the top middle. Therefore, placing the mirror on the block where they’ll meet is but a just move since the light particle will then bounce off the mirror and go straight to its target.

Once you’re sure of the placings, then press “fire” to launch the light particles!

The higher your level, the more difficult it gets. There are additional objects that will appear on the grid so it’s better if you try them out first by tapping on the fire button. Don’t worry, you’ll get unlimited tries nonetheless.

End Note

Color Fusion is an app worthy of space on your phone and a little bit of your money. For less than two dollars, you can have this application on your Android devices. It’s a great game that has amazing graphics and sound scoring to boot! Perfect for a boring afternoon with nothing to do. Another good side about this is that you can play it alone or even with someone else—if it becomes too difficult for your comprehension.

For some good brain teasing challenges, download Color Fusion now in the ! There’s no greater feeling than solving a complex looking puzzle, right?

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Color Fusion: Match the colors
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