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Save the Atlantis!

Don’t you miss the warm sand, the splash of water, plus the inviting rays of the sun? I do! I have always believed that I have the chance to transform into a mermaid—that is how much I love the sea. Even at this age, and despite the interminable change in technology, I still fascinate getting a mermaid tail. Blame Ariel (The Little Mermaid), as she was my muse. I know at this age, I should’ve moved on from that fantasy chapter. But everytime I try to bid adieu to my mermaid vision, I find something that makes me hold tighter to that inexplicable dream. One of them was an app created by Legacy Interactive, Inc.

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is initially a PC/Mac version game. Because of its award-winning gameplay, Legacy Interactive, Inc. produced the mobile version. Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is a physics game where you have to bunch up the pearls of the same color to extinguish them from the puzzle. Legends of Atlantis: Exodus created in the year 2012 is the prequel of the Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep.

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Go mental with Numbers!

There are applications that can get the best out of its players—may that be negative or positive. As there are mundane ones that only requires a terrific hand-eye coordination, there are those that can really push our wits to the edge. Mind games, for one. Sometimes, it’s not enough that we get the hang of it. Because the more we think that it’s becoming easy, the harder it is to accept that there are puzzles we just can’t solve. Or maybe that’s just me…

In addition to these sort of puzzles is the application created by davidjburgos. Initially, it’s frustrating and confusing but in the long run, it’s quite addictive! Get to know more about this logic game after the cut.

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Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run: Run with Style

Endless running games are and will always be a sure hit to all app lovers! I guess Temple Run I and 2, Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, and Chasing Yello are just some of the apps that can attest to the magical influence that these running games have brought to the application industry. (Know more about the Endless Runner Craze games here.) Well, we can never defy anyway the ultimate fun and addicting gameplay that they continuously bring to the lives of our dear gamers so I bet running inspired games will continue to flourish for more years.

And speaking of games, here’s another endless running inspired application that will definitely invade your iOS devices in no time. Applatter readers, say hello to Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run.

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A Different Kind of Photo-sharing with Pixplit

Another photo-sharing application has been unleashed for all shutterbugs and trigger happy individuals to celebrate!

If you’re so obsessed with keeping tabs on your everyday life with the use of Instagram, then Pixplit may give you another avenue to showcase the different side of your photography stints! Yes, it is another social hub that makes its users create another portal for “socialization” but what makes this newbie app interesting is the fact that one can make a collage with people you know and people you don’t.

Learn about the collaborative awesomeness by reading the rest of this app review after the cut.

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App Review: Magic Math Free

Aside from monsters under my bed and the thought of acquiring chicken pox, no one can possibly take away my non-sense fear of math. Exaggeration aside, numbers seem to have that intimidating feature that sends chills down my spine whenever I’m faced with it. Not that I totally hate it, I just fear the exactness that it requires. But the numbers game is not that difficult after all, I have learned this the hard way though.

Of course, we’re all adept with the four basic mathematical operations. Using it daily, I think that we should all be hustlers when it comes to simple equations. Then again, when panic starts to creep in, even an elementary addition query can catch us off-guard. As for me who want to practice answering swiftly, mobile applications are a big help! Want to know my latest catch in this category? Then read more of this Android app review after the cut.

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Let’s Save Chuck the Bot!

Way back in our toddler years, we can’t deny the fact that we are madly in love with playing and we just don’t get tired easily. Well, who wouldn’t get tired when you get to enjoy and play with your favorite toys, right? For boys, robots would be the most in demand toy that makes them feel strong and manly. They would even make them come to life by talking to them, making voices as if their robots are really talking or even put batteries for those instant sound effects. Oh, the perks of being an innocent kid whose main goal in life is to play and have fun.

Kidding aside, I’m pretty sure you miss that feeling! I bet we all have the same sentiments with GearSprout — the people behind a fun and unique robot application with a twist! I can feel that you are now excited to meet Chuck! Dig into more deets on my iOS app review after the cut.

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Play Texas Hold ‘em with Appeak Poker

As possibly the most popular card game in the world, poker has gotten plenty of variations, including the community card game Texas Hold ‘em. Now from the comfort of your own mobile device, you too can try competing with other poker players from around the world.

If you think you’ve got ace up your sleeve, be one of the high rollers with Appeak Poker. Learn more after the cut.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard With Qwanz

The birth of the internet and various social media sites allowed us to become a rodent of our own cyberspace. The internet can be the Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to gathering important information or even when you’re just “soft googling.” Because of our habitual use of the web to voice out our opinions, rants and even good points, we easily attract web bashers, or better, a considerable amount of social media following.

For some reasons, the internet hold good for people who have something sensible to say. We’re lucky that we’re living in a world where we easily find our niche using computers and the continuously advancing modern technology. For the proto-punks and the hippies of the 70s, they use various cultural movements to defy or rather, stand up to “the establishment.” But since we’re living in the now, being online gives us the will to say what we think, search for groups who share the same advocacy or belief as ours,  and share it to the world.

A new app called Qwanz is developed to allow users to influence decision makers, let their opinions be heard, mobilize support, and find a community within the app which shares the same perspective as them. Qwanz is an opinion diagram where you can start polls and comment on other polls that land on the category of your interest. Just like the app’s slogan: “One voice cannot be heard, but thousands together cannot be ignored.” Read more

The BeaverKarts Fever

Do you consider yourself as one of the coolest people on the planet? I think this is the right time to reweigh your postulation because there is a Beaver in the valley who performs spectral activities. Sounds cool for you? Stunts, tricks, and flips—I bet some would claim that it’s just a piece of cake. The Beaver can do those things to a greater degree with the help of a customized kart. The question is, are you ready to challenge the hunky dory Beaver?

BeaverKarts by Rust0 is the latest game app that will take you into a nonstop adventure with a customized kart. Do twists and tricks before the oil in your kart runs out. BeaverKarts is equipped with loads of challenges that you have to complete to move to the next level. If you think it’s simple, well I challenge you to play the game.

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Chat and Draw with SquibbleBox!

In this day and age where you can simply connect to a free restaurant wifi or even pocket in your router, more and more smartphone users are relying on technology to send out messages either through their social media accounts or free chat services via a mobile application like Viber. Consequently, spending money on text messaging suddenly became too extravagant and people are resorting to using the internet to talk to their friends. It has more perks, obviously, starting with the fact that it’s free!

Want another app that you can fool around together with your friends even though your miles apart? Then look into this Android app review of SquibbleBox, the go-to chat application of creative people!

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