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Be updated with the latest conferences, parties and events with Calvin Ayre.

Gambling is a form of entertainment where people are hyped with the unpredictable outcome of whether you will win or lose the game of life. As you play, you assume that those hidden cards will come out not against your will and reveal your lucky numbers instead. Most of the time, you have to trust your instincts, take the risk and ask yourself, “Am I all in for this game?” or rather, “Am I all in for Calvin Ayre?”

Calvin Ayre is a billionaire, owner of Bodog online gaming and entertainment brand, a global business icon and a digital media pioneer. As he said, “Throughout my experience, I identified a void in our industry of a real place where industry insiders could stay up to date on industry news and opinions. I wanted to create a place for all industry operators, suppliers, and online media experts to visit and discuss the challenges that we all face working in the online gaming sector. is that place.”

Let this app review take you to a fun and mysterious world of Calvin Ayre.

Free for and devices

Intrigued? Read on!

Calvin Ayre is a free conference organizer and an igaming app which provides its users a list of conferences, events and parties around the metro. This app has all the needed information by those conference organizers, participants and neophytes as they look for their way in and out of the industry conference, party and event. The app showcases every attendee needs such as dates, locations and venue maps. Definitely, you won’t be lost in the middle of nowhere and won’t be puzzled out with the latest happening about the industry.


√ Conference schedule for the igaming industry with the venue details of conferences and related events

√ Venue maps to easily find the party or conference location

√ Ability to broadcast attendee names

√ Social media sharing via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

√ Access to latest news about the industry

How it Works

First, create an account. Edit your profile and share a bit about yourself such as name, company, website and job title. After which, you can connect with fellow conference organizers and see all confirmed delegates for all the latest and upcoming conference schedules straight from the app. In addition, you can see who’s going so it would be easier for you to decide whether you’re going with your friends as well or not. The app also includes a news ticker that brings you the latest and hottest news about the industry which you can see at the bottom part of the screen.

Kirsten: I’m All In!

All in all, the slick and simple user interface makes it a very user-friendly app which will make the users go all in as well. The Calvin Ayre app is a must-try especially for those conference, party and event enthusiasts. With this, you will not only be updated with the venue, date and location of such events but it will also help you be aware with the latest news and interact with your friends online.

Put your bet on this app and download Calvin Ayre on your and devices for free!

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