Asian Developers Release Educational App in the Philippines

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AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.

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On July 17, 2012
Last modified:August 14, 2012


Join Maddie and Matt as they show that good manners are important when dealing with people everyday.

Check out these app development start-ups from Asia: AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and Kid Apps Inc.

The duo has recently released an amazing educational app that helps parents raise polite and courteous children. Named Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners & Values, the Filipino-made app boasts beautiful graphics and engaging music. The app offers 26 scenarios that can teach your children what they need to know about proper behavior.

Although experience is indeed the best teacher, we think that learning proper behavior doesn’t have to mean finding yourself or your young ones in a series of embarrassing situations.

The Maddie & Matt app, the first of AppLabs and Kid Apps’ educational app series, encourages inquisitive children to find the moveable object hidden in each of the 26 scenarios. Another hidden object reveals a fun fact about that object with just a single tap of a finger.

Other fun features include digital coloring pages which allow children to color the Maddie and Matt characters. Kids may choose the character they want to color, and the color width can be easily adjusted to fill the little spaces in the chosen drawing.


Though not shown here, another feature lets kids choose picture frames for pictures of themselves or their family and friends.

What’s cool about this app is that children won’t have a hard time showcasing their artworks and pictures. Kids can instantly share their stuff via Facebook and Twitter!

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Cool graphics
Entertaining music

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The fact that the app is free is exciting news for parents everywhere.

There is only one caveat, however. The app is currently available only for the iPad. If you have an iPad, click here to download the application now!

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Asian Developers Release Educational App in the Philippines
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2 comments on “Asian Developers Release Educational App in the Philippines

  1. elyandrei rucker
    on said:

    Very cool app. It will be very helpful to the youngsters out there in developing their skills. Aside from this they can also acquire good manners/ values with the help of this app Maddie and Matt

  2. ミンメイ Daniels
    on said:

    This is so simple to play, and the graphics is just wonderful
    I downloaded this app for my little brother so he can finally behave. hihi

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