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Go grab your sports outfits, stretch your arms, ready your legs, and download Workout Trainer now!

There are multiple invitations and parties that we need to attend all throughout the year. During the holidays, people can’t resist the temptations that are present such as the mouth-watering delicacies, enticing desserts, and overflowing liquors that we can’t say not to no matter how hard we try. Because of that, we can’t control ourselves anymore. After all the non-stop eating, dancing, and late partying we have no time to shake our body because we have to get some rest.

Those are the month long celebrations that we have to endure before we can go back to our normal routines and lifestyle. Yes, after all the festivity, we can finally rest and control our eating habits. But wait, look at the mirror and scan yourself carefully. What do you see? Oh, your clothes won’t fit your body anymore! Just then you will realize the weight that you just gained.

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But how are we going to trim down all the flabby fats? Going to gym is time consuming while hiring a personal trainer is way too expensive. What are we going to do? How about a personal diet? I don’t think majority of us can do it for we are the ones who bait our own selves. But I have a better suggestion. . .

Worry no more, the ideal health and fitness app is here to teach you some exercise lessons via Skimble Inc.’s . Go grab your sports outfits, stretch your arms, ready your legs, and do what I say.

Let’s Get Physical!

The perfect workout buddy is here to help you live a healthier and better life so fuss no more. Through this free application, you are given the privilege to meet new people and learn new exercise ideas without the hassle of going to a gym. For you to become an official member, all you have to do is to either create an account or log-in via Facebook. There are about five questions to answer such as your gender, birthday, the intensity plus duration of exercise that you have to do, and your current fitness goals before you can totally explore the app. You must also choose your preferred privacy settings by selecting either ‘Public’ or ‘Private’.

Among the five questions, your current fitness goal is the most important because that will determine the correct type of exercise for an aspirant like you.

You may choose from Free Workout, Recommended Program, or have the liberty to browse the entire app. Just to give you a hint of what’s inside Workout Trainer, here are the lists of what to expect when you use the app:

  • Workout of the Week- see chosen workout from random user and try to do it yourself.
  • Recommended Workout (Paid)- know the appropriate exercise for you by browsing this feature.
  • Featured Program (Paid) - presents a certain workout with corresponding payment.
  • See Who’s on Skimble - find friends and meet who’s on Skimble using your Facebook account.
  • Recent Topics- read what people say in the community such as latest chit-chats.
  • Community Workout- check out other exercise routine and add it to you to do workout. You may also share yours if you want to.
  • Get Social with Skimble- don’t just go active with your daily exercises but have time to greet your Facebook buddies too.

Note: Your activity will only be shown to the people you follow once you go ‘Private’.

Health Check

Most of us are not aware of the possible dangers that might happen if we don’t exercise regularly. Because of the numerous fascinations that we see and hear, we are actually exposed to risks. Good thing a free app like this is now accessible to all android users for it will encourage you to stretch your body once in a while. It contain comprehensive list of workouts that are either free or paid, useful videos and images, a virtual trainer, an interactive community, and you can even go social.

Instead of living a sluggish life, why don’t we take the one time opportunity that Workout Trainer offers? Enough of all the ‘later’ habits because the solution is right in your hands. Let us all live a healthy life and allow Workout Trainer to become part of it.

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