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Waste your time the right way: Play an Android app that tests your "Meme-mory"!

Memes have been around for quite a long time. The Internet is filled with ridiculously amusing images and quotes, from hilarious Nicolas Cage references and even Nyan Cat-inspired clothing. Memes are definitely the most interesting and influential elements of the Internet pop culture.

If you are a true-blue member of the online community, you should be able to test your proverbial Meme-mory with indie developer ‘s own version of Meme Quiz. Warning to all professionals and straight-A students: This addictive Android game may make you lose track of time!

Simple Concept for an Addicting Pop Culture Phenomenon

Show me a man who doesn’t know a single thing about all the Internet memes on the planet, and I’ll show you a meme that has never existed.. if that’s at all possible.

Everyone knows memes, even if not ALL of them! Here are three, just to refresh your memory:

One of the newer memes is the Aristocat

Here’s one of the most popular memes: Success Kid

And here’s my favorite, First World Problems

Essentially, Meme Quiz is a very simple game. You are tasked to find the most fitting meme image for each meme caption. A simple swipe to the left or right makes the meme images move, so it’s fairly easy to instantly find the matching image you are looking for.

If you guess a meme correctly, the “Me Gusta” face pops up. If you guess it wrong, a rage face (a.k.a Happy face) appears on the screen.

The cool thing is that, although there are only 69 memes featured in the app, including Freddie Mercury’s Rage Pose, the developer is eager to update the app regularly. So you can still enjoy the old days of Reddit and 9gag despite the fact that there are plenty of more popular Memes today. Some captions are a whole lot harder than others, too, so you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be generating your own memes as Bad Luck Brian-esque experiences haunt you IRL.

Cool Story, Bro!

If you’re up for the challenge, be sure you’re not just one Redditor’s wife. Be aware that you can’t be a Success Kid all the time! Some of the memes are trickier than, say, Overly Manly Man or First World Problems. Some will require you to think things through, the Socially Awkward Penguin that you are.

Once you get an incredible high score, though, you can be like Scumbag Steve and brag about it to all your friends. Just be sure you don’t say anything stupid like 10 Guy!

With Meme Quiz’s easy to use interface, you’ll certainly be wide awake at night trying to match more than 1000 captions in this truly entertaining Android app. Oh, and if you still haven’t downloaded this thing yet, maybe the will get you grabbing your smartphone before anyone can even say “Me Gusta”.

By the way, you might also like Memefier. Or, you might be interested in another Amagine app–Plate Breaker.

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Meme Quiz: A Different Game
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