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Mr. Cond 2: A Game About Protection

Here’s an interesting game that may indirectly teach people the importance of protection.

Meet Mr. Cond. The name itself may not clue you in on how to play the game, but it does catch attention.

The object of the game is to cover as many germs as you can. You get 6 lives at the beginning of the game, and if you missed covering a germ, you lose a life. The game is difficult to play at first, but once you get the hang of it, you may actually love it.

Find out what we think of this application after the jump!

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iOS App Review: Animals Babies and Homes

One interesting chapter in a kid’s life is his instant inquisitiveness with the things that surround him. No matter how big or small an object is, or how serious or funny his question is, or if the idea he presented is real or superficial, a curious mind can never be stopped. Agree? I’ve been there or rather we’ve all been there so I think it’s no longer an issue if kids do act like that—naughty and full of queries.

On the bright side, I guess we should be happy that kids do ask us things even though they can’t fully comprehend it yet that much. From what I see it, I feel like it’s healthy because it only shows that they are eager to learn and expand their horizons, even at a very young age. Teaching them with educational stuff is way better than just letting them waste their time watching cartoons or playing video games, right?

Speaking of curiosity, one of the most asked questions by our dear young fellows refers to the wide species of the animal kingdom. Have you been in a situation wherein your kiddo suddenly asked you the query, “Where do animals live, Mom?” or “Do animals have kids too, Dad?”. Well, whether you have been there already or are having this eerie feeling that one of these days your child will pop those questions, then this is your lucky day. With Gil Weiss’s newest application, your little one’s queries will be easily answered. How? Through the use of the app. *Wink!*

Continue reading this iOS app review to get more details on this must-try iOS app.
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Bedtime Apps: Top 5 Interactive Children Story Books for Android

During a child’s early years of learning, the love for books and reading is one of the most significant factor in honing their development. Once a child engages himself on matters that are beneficial to his future and understand at the same time how important it is to do so, rest assured, parents can calmly sleep at night knowing that their children are off to a bright tomorrow. Just like other parent duties, making children love something that appears to be boring is not an easy task. If not introduced to children properly and purposely, they can be scared with the thought of reading because it doesn’t come innate. So, how do one make the kiddos unconsciously accumulate all the right love for reading, books, and learning? Simple. Present those things to them in a fun and positive manner that they can’t resist.

Since children are very bright-eyed in front of almost anything that’s colorful and that moves, parents will never go wrong with these interactive story books made available for Android devices. Nothing beats the feeling of holding a real book but let’s be realistic here, for the young ones, a tablet is way much cooler than a bundle of paper stacked together. Read on to see the list of Applatter’s picks for storybook Android apps.

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Kids Are Safe and Sound In Maddie and Matt’s Safe World!

My love for these two cyber kiddie wonders, Maddie and Matt, just grew another notch after I learned that they’re back to share more  practical tips and experiences about their innocent and worthwhile junior time. The first two apps from the Maddie and Matt series, Maddie and Matt Values and Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, gave kiddie iPad users basic knowledge on how to mold their social manners and environmental practices. The third app from the Maddie and Matt franchise  focuses more on giving kids a knack for their own safety.

, being the newest free app for kids from AppLabs Digital Studios, aims to teach kids basic safety guidelines when they are facing potentially dangerous circumstances. It can be really tough for parents to leave their kids out in the open being clueless and defenseless. Parents will do everything to ensure that their kids are safe in the three-ring circus of classrooms and playgrounds. And while they are not always present to fence a shelterbelt of guidance and protection for their kids, they are still endlessly looking for ways to inject as many safety guidelines and knowledge to their kids as possible.

This is where the aid of Maddie and Matt’s Safe World comes in. With Safe World’s vibrant and witty demonstration of smart and useful dialogues, it is guaranteed that your kids will gather a lot of basic safety know-how from the app. With the addition of fun and educational games ready to pour trivia and information to your kids’ young minds, having Safe World installed on your iPads is the whole nine yards! Read more

App Review: RexNFoodbot

I can only imagine how hard it must be for parents when they are desperately willing their kids to eat every healthy foods that are available for consumption. But of course, being the kids that they are, they will prefer munching the unhealthy than stomach the healthy veggies. The temptation of gobbling every sugary candy and junk food out there is omnipresent in a kid’s  time of life. And while stopping them from their juvenile enjoyment can be hard and hurtful for parents (because depriving your kids from the things that will make them happy is a trifling heartbreak, dramatic or not), it’s the parent’s duty to feed their kids the right stuff and let them grow brighter and fitter!

Maybe, if parents will try incorporating a little helpful entertainment to their kid’s awareness regarding nutritious foods, the kids might actually be lured to eat some of the greenest and most nutritional nibbles. And since nutrition mixed with kiddie entertainment can be one of the keys to help your kids become young, sturdy wonders, this nutritional kiddie app called might just be an awesome help.

RexNFoodbot follows the story of a healthy, green, paper cut-out scientist named Rex. Because Rex is a nourishment-obsessed boffin, he decided to invent a Foodbot that could produce healthy yet tasty foods. An accident occurred while he was programming which resulted to the Foodbot being misprogrammed, and turned into a producer of unhealthy junk foods. Rex tried to stop the mad Foodbot from his unpleasant deeds but the “stop” button wouldn’t work.

The Foodbot set out to bring chaos to the healthy lives of people using the different junk foods that it generated from Rex’s laboratory. The only way to stop Foodbot from scattering ill junk food into the world is to let scientist Rex encrypt 6 codes into the Foodbot. And this is where the youngster’s help will be needed. Read more

App Review: Fido’s Magic Soundbox

Kids these days are VERY curious. By this means they play with whatever they can get a grip of or ask bizarre questions that are sometimes beyond our comprehension. Also, they tend to get fascinated easily with sounds they hear. Once they perceive an obscure sound, they react in many different ways such as being exasperated, ecstatic, frightened and the like. Nonetheless, don’t you think it’s a good idea to engage their senses early with an educational app?

from the makers of qualitative educational apps, Pixel Interactive, is an app that has a phonics program that teaches kids some basic sound relationships through fun games. If you’ve visited places with Fido (remember the app review for Fido Goes Places DX?), then you’ll probably learn to love this kiddie app about sounds– be it around the house, transportation, sports, animals and among others.

A great way to build the foundation skills of your kids is to engage the tots to such educational app that’s sure to loosen up their brain. Read more about this iOS app review after the break.

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Space Zoo Fangogo: An Interactive Comic Book

I remember back in the days, I was very fond of reading. When I’m tired of playing with my toys and my sister is at school, I would prefer reading. You’re probably wondering now, what do I love to read? Part of every child’s development, we grew up reading comics. As for me, since my dad is a constant reader of a newspaper everyday, I would grab it when he’s done and I would search for the entertainment section where there are snippets of comic strips! (That scenario would be one of the happiest days of my life!) I know, I know, kids are easy to please, at times.

After reading the newspaper comics, I would instantly turn to my sister’s Archie comic book. I love the fact that I can relate to the friendship, love and humor that has been the usual theme of the comic series. I actually even find the characters like Archie, Betty, Victoria and Jughead to be quirky and witty both at the same time.

Well, in this app-obsessed world that we now live in, for sure the tech-savvy kids and parents are on the look out for some educational, interactive and affordable storybooks that they can read during their free time. Lo and behold, Applatter readers! Today may not look like the so-called Doomsday yet according to the Mayan calendar. This app review will let us explore The Space Zoo Fangogo!

Space Zoo Fangogo

Available for and

We’re launching towards the Space Zoo to meet Fangogo and his friends after the cut.

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iOS App Review: iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition

It’s Christmas! Yay! And aside from Santa Claus, presents, bonuses, 13th month pay, carols, and other tangible things related to this most-celebrated season, Christmas also means holidays and vacations! Agree? I love vacations. Who wouldn’t like it? I certainly believe that both young and adults look forward to this annual event.

During this Christmas season, it’s a reality that kids result to just hanging out with friends, playing computer games, or just boring themselves to sleep and eat the whole day. Admit it, you once did the same when you were still a kid. I think it’s just normal especially with kids since they get to do the stuff they really like during their no school days or vacations, like the Christmas season that is. And for moms and dads out there who would like their children to do something productive during these times are usually failures, if I may say. It’s natural, on vacations it’s really hard to encourage your kiddos to study their lessons, do household chores, or behave well since for them these days are their freedom days. Well, here’s a confession: I can attest to that because I’ve been like that when I was still younger. Oooppss!

But wait! If you are really itching to make your kids study their lessons without compromising their time for entertainment, today is your lucky day! (Aside from the fact that it’s not yet the end of the world—My apologies, I just want to say it.) As your Ms. Santa let me present to you my early Christmas present, my newfound app that is definitely worth of your and your children’s time. Who knows, this could be the mighty tool that you need to make them spend their time or vacation wisely. Without further ado, let me introduce to you .

Read the rest of this iOS app review to learn more fascinating facts about iTooch.

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Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps: Easy, Safe, and Helpful

Kids nowadays are getting addicted with the gadgets available in the market. I bet you had an experience already wherein your kids or younger siblings begged for you to let them play with your mobile phone or tablet. And because you love them, you wholeheartedly gave in and allowed them to browse the apps on your device. After a while, voila! Hello to missing apps, deleted messages, and unexpected bills. That hurts, right?

Great news! Your dilemma is no longer an issue now. Let me present to you Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps, the app that will protect your phone or tablet, files, and bills from those unguarded situations.

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What A Cult: How Smart Can You Be?

Having a variety of knowledge when it comes to just about everything—from classic and modern literature, movies and historical events, to pop culture and cult classics—is absolutely boss! We have certain moments when every time we watch reality guessing game shows, we often find ourselves grinning like fools because we know the exact answer to a certain question. That feeling of varying degrees of excitement whenever Jeopardy or Who Wants To Be A  Millionaire is up on the tube never fail to put wide Cheshire cat grins on our faces.

I often find myself feeling super egotistic and animated whenever I and my friends watch reality guessing game TV shows, and I happen to champion them by answering the puzzle first. I dig that feeling because nothing beats the feeling of being a faux know-it-all—whether know-it-all means that you’re feeling all Einstein or just a plain, arrogant Smart Aleck.

Play more riddles and test how well you know just about every topic there is with this Android app called What A Cult! What A Cult is a puzzle game that will test your knowledge about different categories such as movies, prominent or famous people, and books. With over 1000 challenges about book excerpts, movie dialogues, and figures and statements of the rich and the famous, you’ll never run out of guesses with your friends. The best thing about What A Cult? Even Kanye West’s infamous eyebrow-raising interruption to Taylor Swift’s VMAs “thank you” speech is up there in the People category. Alright, that’s a spoiler. Read more