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On November 7, 2012
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Read, Write, Play and Sing with the alphabet everyday with ABC Day!

When I was a little kid, I’ve been a fan girl of Ariel, the red-haired little mermaid who lives under the sea with her friendly sea creatures. Aren’t they cute? Not to mention her Prince Charming and their star crossed love which eventually turned out to be a happily ever after ending. As much as I love Little Mermaid, I just can’t help but reminisce my childhood days with this app called developed by Hompimplay.

I remember the days when my family and I watched The Little Mermaid movie and even the Disney on Ice. With all the singing and dancing of the cute characters, every child would really admire Ariel, isn’t it? I bet you would also love this interactive and cute educational app as much as your child enjoyed watching The Little Mermaid. Well, for those who are not avid fans of Ariel and her family, this app review will still suit you or your child’s learning preferences.

The Applatter team has shared a bunch of app reviews about educational apps which I guess has been helpful in any way. Of course, we wouldn’t want to disappoint our lovely readers. Lo and behold, Applatter readers! Learning ABC could be a lot more fun when you do it everyday!

developed by Hompimplay is a paid iOS educational app which not only teaches your child to read but to write, play and sing their way with the alphabet as well. The main objective of this app is to bring an innovative platform of teaching kids the basic lesson, the alphabet. Hompimplay taught of another strategy of teaching kids how to learn and adapt the alphabet virtually easy! With this app installed on their iOS device or perhaps, their parents’ Smartphone, children will be more than happy as they learn the alphabet. Not only by reading, children can have a good time as they write, play and sing the alphabet song with the cute animals under the sea.


There are four sections on the menu: Read, Write, Play and Sing. The Read section allows you to read each alphabet with a corresponding animal that starts its name with each alphabet. A female voice over will read it to you and the child can read along with her. Pop on that bubble letter to proceed to the next letter. The Write section is cute since you have a turtle buddy which will help you to write the alphabet in the correct manner. There will be stars which you need to follow as you draw the line to finish writing the letter. The Play section is pretty fun wherein you need to tickle the sea shell by swiping your finger for the shell to open and reveal the animal inside. Along with the animal, there are four letters, one correct letter which will complete the name of the animal. (Just like what is shown in the Sea Horse picture above) Lastly, the Sing section allows the child to sing along with the music as you pop on the letters in the bubbles.

Today is ABC Day!

Personally, I find the app incredibly cute and fun to play with! The underwater background is very calming which really reminds me of Little Mermaid or even Nemo! The texts and graphics of the little sea creatures are very adorable! It is one simple and easy to use educational app for children that they will truly enjoy and learn with. One glitch that I found when I tried the app was the whole view of the layout which is either 1x or 2x. I like the fact that there are options yet when I click on the 2x (zoom) it’s quite pixelated. I guess kids would appreciate if they can play with a larger view, right? However, I’m still giving this app a 4 stars! An educational and interactive app which is still worth the pay.

Read, Write, Play and Sing with the alphabet everyday and !

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Everyday is ABC Day!
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