Let Your Kids Dance With Egg Knock!

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On November 7, 2012
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Crack the egg and watch animals dance along classical melodies with Egg Knock!

I can only imagine how tough it must be for parents when their toddlers suddenly throw an uncontrollable fit. I’ve seen it a few times and every time I witness a situation like that, my mind wonders how can these little ones stop their tantrums and be distracted.

Kids love seeing colourful and vibrant objects that’s why cartoons and animated films work well for them. Watching colourful animation can be a great distraction for kids because it works as an effective tool of visual communication. Every time kids see cartoons or images that are dancing or playfully moving, their minds get stimulated and they react positively to that. Animations that show educational messages and aesthetics can also help in the early brain development of kids.

Having this awareness in mind, Hompimplay released an educational app called Egg Knock which hopes to enhance the young ones’ memory and visual coordination through a lively display of dancing animal friends. Let your kids crack the egg with a few taps from their fingers, and see them dance their way with cheerful barn yard animals and classical melodies!

Egg Knock is an entertainment iOS app for kids that is quite stimulating and easy for them to play. Kids will only need to crack the egg (which looks like an Easter egg) with their fingers to see seven different animals pop-up such as: the Chick, Bunny, Sheep, Panda, Kitten and other animals. Kids will have fun watching their animal friends dance along different classical tunes and easy-to-copy dance routines.

* Loveable characters.
* Each animal has its own special dance.
* Easy-to-use, intuitive navigation.
* Appropriate for ages 2 and up.
* Designed for toddlers and preschoolers.
* Kids can play on their own or with siblings and friends.
* Ideal for the backseat of the car.
* Educational and practical.

Egg Knock’s effective visual illustrations and interactive gameplay will certainly leave a mark to its young users. With playful and cute animals dancing gleefully on the screen of your iOS devices, entertaining your kids will be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Egg Knock’s cognitive gameplay will definitely help in enriching your child’s brain development and thinking.

Jango approves!

Egg Knock is an easy and effective way to fuel learning to your kids while also letting them have fun. This kid app is really perfect when you’re driving your car and you need your child’s attention away from the steering wheel. Adults might even find some of the animals very amusing because I’m cracking every time I see the Panda groove. It’s such a lovely sight!

Egg Knock is a perfect tool for diverting kids away from 5-minute fits and crying jags. The bright and amusing moving objects will help them be lively and grow actively.

Download Egg Knock for $0.99 on the , and save yourselves from a few pulsating veins in the temple, folks!

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Let Your Kids Dance With Egg Knock!
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