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Butt-ify yourself with this odd "face" generator by Monkey Toons!

The rise of the hit comedy cartoon series South Park on Comedy Central has pushed people to love the black humored toy-like characters of the show for years since. The sitcom hit its ultimate peak with its followers wanting their own South Park counterpart through making their own personalized avatar. Yes, it’s definitely cute and another yes for me making a fourth-grader type of South Park avatar which I believe resembles me but my friends think that the avatar is way cuter—boo, friends. Bitterness aside, online avatar makers are available in heaps but only some are worthy enough for a try. But, having too many avatars that are “cute” has left my over-sized boat so I searched for a contemporary one which matches my (ehem!) humor.

Browsing through for some face-making applications, not only did my eyes widen with shock with the app I’m about to tell you but I was also giggling while reading its description. Applatter readers, get your bums ready for this bootylicious application for y’all: Face Cool-Oh! Because there can never be enough weirdness in the Appstore, agree?

Cool picture, eh? Read on to get to know that bum—I mean, that face (what?)—further.

Seriously, how can this app be any more uncanny? And it took the phrase “butt face” in a completely literal sense. This is just hilarious in so many levels, I can’t even seem to stop myself from giggling every single time my eyes graze through the picture above. I was looking for something cheeky but Face Cool-Oh! did an entirely different turn on the word. It’s as if they’re telling me, “you want cheeky, then we’ll give you cheeky!”

Face Cool-Oh! is a character creator application developed by Monkey-Toons which, as you can see, is far off from the rest of the bunch. Long story short, it’s like a dress-up-your-booty app. With lots of accessories to choose from, your “junk in the trunk” can very much look sophisticated without even minding that what we’re all trying to hide is ultimately exposed. You can change its color, top, bottoms, shoes, and even the background, but you can never ever change the fact that you are customizing a rather healthy butt.

Get Yourself Butt-ified!

As every application of this kind starts out with an almost naked prototype, Face Cool-Oh! doesn’t differ. And to say that you’ll be presented with a butt-naked one is not an expression nor an exaggeration. As there are many articles of clothing and various accessories to choose from, you can definitely create one that resembles yourself or even your friends just for the sake of fun.

The facial hair (mustaches and goatees) and eyeglasses adds to the “personality” of your Cool-Oh face so be sure to find one that really matches your style. Besides, it’s not that hard when you don’t have to deal with choosing the right shape of the eyes because as you can see, your “butt face” doesn’t have a set of peepers. If it has, it will totally be on a new level of weird for me, I tell you.

To really justify that you’re trying to depict yourself with a booty in the middle of your shoulders, do customize your background as well by choosing from different available designs. Or you can opt to play with whatever resources you have and just go about with your merry butt-dressing self.

If you’re finished, you can share your work through the app’s integration with social networking sites or you can just save it on your in-app folder where you can individually name all the butt-persons you’ve made.

End Note

Honestly, I can’t really weigh my thoughts whether I love this app because of its function or because it made me LMFAO (laugh my fat ass off), the pun was purposely placed there, mind you. Nonetheless, Face Cool-Oh! is a sure-win when it comes to oddity and if you’re into that, then .

Watch the video below if you want more laughs!

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