5 iOS Apps That Attract the Ladies

Getting the ladies has been something that eluded plenty of men for centuries. It seems that women like men who are strong, powerful, and very much a man.

But what does make a man a man? We usually base manliness on how much money and power a person has. But I believe that manliness does not necessarily mean having a great car, a gorgeous woman or two at your beck and call, and a personality oozing with charisma.

Since it is not easy to become a James Bond, Jack Bauer or Jason Bourne in the real world, it would be better to attract women’s attention through mobile applications.

Manliness comes in different flavors, like Rocky Road or Dulce de Leche. I picture the typical manly man nowadays, as fas as our generation is concerned, as someone possessing integrity, street smarts, and a bit of an artistic side. So I guess the Jonas Brothers are manly enough for this generation, but I’m not here to argue. I’m here to share.

Manalyzer: Quirky and Adorable

Well yes, the name of the app says it all.

Manalyzer is a paid app that is just as quirky as your boyfriend or your favorite uncle. The purported “Manliness Score” should not be taken seriously, just like most men nowadays. This entertainment app, which I suppose really means “Manliness Analyzer”, uses digit and facial ratios to come up with a “Manliness Score” out of ten.

Very manly indeed

Men are generally analytical beings, and the Manalyzer is somehow no different. It supposedly bases its interpretations on the findings of over 25 scientific papers connecting testosterone levels and traditionally manly traits.

To calculate your “Manliness Score”, you will need to take a picture of your face and your hand. You can post your result to Facebook or Twitter, or send it via email.

Keep in mind, this is just a quirky app that is as accurate and believable as New Age stuff. It is good to note, though, that the ratios used for calculations have been correlated with financial success, aggression, leadership, athletic ability, and innovation.

This app is certainly just for fun. Download the if you want to start impressing your ever-gullible lady friends!

ArtRage: Artistic and Sensitive

I know how ladies love to fall for the brooding, sensitive types. Look at Edward Cullen’s fan base, for instance. You just know a lot of people of the female persuasion love sensitive men who tend to battle with themselves daily.

ArtRage is the quintessential entertainment application for showing off your artistic side. Turn your struggle with your inner demons into something beautiful, just like how the deformed god Vulcan turns ordinary metal into a strong armor.

Practice, practice, practice, and you will get the ladies, ladies, ladies.

Download !

Trails: Nature-lover

Nothing tugs at women’s heartstrings more than a man who loves animals and nature! It is worth noting that Trails is also developed by a guy named Felix Lamouroux. The guy’s name itself is kinda sexy!

Trails is a GPS tracker that records, exports and imports tracks directly to your iPhone. You can even prepare and review your adventure to the great outdoors with your iPad.

Literally go on a hike with this app. Import tracks from sites like everyTrail.com and bikely.com to find other users’ hikes and jogs, then follow their route on your iOS device. Then record your journey and view them on OpenStreetMap. What’s cool is that maps, once loaded, are automatically stored on your phone so they become offline maps!

You can also geotag and geocode your non-iPhone photos or share your track with others via Google Earth. This navigation app has a lot of features that a nature-loving man will definitely like.


Full Fitness: The Fitness Buff

Gym regulars and novice bodybuilders may want to give Full Fitness a try.

Full Fitness is a superb exercise app that can actually be the only tool you need for working out. This well-designed fitness app is simple to use despite its bevy of features. It has hundreds of comprehensive exercises, and bodyweight and home based exercises. If you are a beginner, you can start with the premade workouts available, too.

Full Fitness understands that every body is unique. Though Full Fitness basically houses hundreds of workouts, it also allows you to edit existing workouts so you can get the body that you desire in no time. You can also create your own workouts and exercises!

Want a toned physique? Finding the right exercise becomes a breeze because this fitness app has everything categorized per exercise equipment, body, and muscle. Then you can check your BMI after a few months with the included BMI calculator.


Trapster 5.0: Great Driving

The Trapster app has been around for several years now, and it is still a highly recommended application. (We know; we’ve already talked about it here.) And you know why? Trapster can improve your driving experience. It’s a navigational tool that essentially helps you drive well in your city.

The app alerts you to speed traps, red light, accidents and other roadway hazards. So although owning an expensive car is something that attracts the ladies, it is the great driving on the road that actually keeps them. Map out speed traps right away and you’ll know when to follow the speed limit and when to drive like the wind.

Try Trapster’s Patrol feature where you can check out the roads that other Trapster users have patrolled ahead of you. A blue arrow that displays on your route points to a road that is free of danger.

If you feel like following city limits, use the included real time speedometer that immediately pairs with the speed limit of the road. This way, you get to impress your lady friend with your safe driving. You know, because you care for her that much.

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Final Words

Cough up about $7 and download all these apps to become someone that ladies will love. Be funny with the Manalyzer, nature-loving and adventure-seeking with Trails, artistic with ArtRage, beefed up with Full Fitness, and a classy driver with Trapster. Surely, you won’t regret doing so.

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5 iOS Apps That Attract the Ladies
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