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Learn and master the art of drawing beautiful art pieces with this must-try application.

“Draw for 10 minutes a day, every day.” – Rick Cortes

“Everyone can draw. Everyone has some artistic skill. The trick is to develop what you have to the highest degree possible. And that entails… you guessed it… practice.” – Delusion Studio

I came across these engrossing and must-read drawing tips, which I think must be shared with our readers here in Applatter. Personally, I find the advices above as truly effective and I think if there’s someone who wants to improve his artistic skill, he must follow and apply the given tips above. Drawing even the simplest form of images is not a joke. More so, it’s never easy to be like Pablo Picasso or Vincent Willem van Gogh, we all know that! Perfecting the art of drawing and painting requires great determination, talent, dedication, interest, and passion.

More than a month ago, Harrie, who is also a frustrated artist just like me, introduced to you an amazing application which artists and non-artists will surely enjoy. The app is called as TypeDrawing. Just to give you an idea, TypeDrawing is an iOS drawing app that will help you draw fascinating and crazy images. I say crazy images because the final art pieces are going to be made up of words—maybe  that’s why the app is derived from the words “type” and “drawing”, just a wild guess.

This time if you really want to further improve your craft in drawing, then might as well avail some drawing lessons from this app called How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons. Interestingly, this one is available for free!

Drawing Made Possible with How to Draw…

, also known as , is an interesting educational application developed by ArtelPlus. This free drawing application is intended for all Android and iOS users who are eager to learn the art and beauty of drawing different kinds of objects. With this app, you can now easily draw cool pictures of varying levels and types. This app is packed with more than 70 different designs and images. How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons is good for people of all ages, both young and adults.

What to Expect from this App

This app will teach you how to draw the following:

  • Animals
  • Fairy tale characters
  • Cartoon characters
  • Cars
  • Airplanes
  • Fantasy characters
  • Trees and flowers
  • Dragons
  • Celebrities
  • People and many more

Fascinating Features

Aside from the featured images, this app is also built with a great selection of drawing tools. These drawing tools are added to help you master the art of drawing, if you choose to draw using your gadget. Here are some of the featured tools:

  • Modes – this tool allows you to see the instruction lines or a complete view of your drawing.
  • Zooming in/out – this feature lets you have a clear view of your drawing. You are allowed to adjust the image size just by pinching or expanding the screen using your fingertips, so you can see the smallest details.
  • Eraser – this tool lets you delete the unwanted lines on your sketches.
  • Brush – this tool allows you to choose a specific brush type. You can also pick the width of the brush.
  • Colors – this feature presents you with a wide range of colors that you can use to paint your drawings and enhance the appearance of your art pieces.


The app’s design is quite appealing. It has a simple and clean interface so you won’t surely have a hard time looking at the images. Also, the app uses a white graph paper as its background which makes it as a plus point. Overall, I find How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons as a visually entertaining application.

Plus, Plus Points!

The best thing about this app is that each drawing is divided into a number of quick and easy to follow steps. Before you can create a masterpiece, you will first learn the proper strokes of creating lines, circles, and shades until you are completely ready to finish the whole picture. In addition to that, the pictures presented in this app are drawn in different styles and they vary in complexity, meaning you can choose which image to start with—drawing lessons for the beginners or polishing sketches for the masters? It’s really up to you!

Another thing that I like with this app is that the screen is designed like a graph paper. And because of this amusing idea, you are then given the chance to conveniently follow the steps and make the right proportions of an object just by looking at the lines. Also, you can opt to train yourself drawing pictures using the conventional paper and pen or try it on-screen or should I say the digital way through the use of your Android or iOS devices.

A Friendly Note from its Developers

Just like any other trainings, you must start at the bottom or the first step before you master a specific skill. When using this app, you should start with the easiest drawings. Try to create simple sketches first such as a rose, a heart, or a starfish. It is advisable to draw the same object a couple of times before you proceed to the next craft, especially the complex drawings. And the most important note that you must remember: You should enjoy every minute of the lesson and just have fun in creating your masterpieces.

End Note

I’m not an artist and I’m definitely no expert when it comes to drawing art pieces. I can draw simple images only, so after learning that there’s an app that can finally improve my skill in sketching I was truly delighted. There’s no doubt that this app, How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons, is created with a good purpose. Not everyone has the talent to draw beautiful art pieces and create stunning pictures. Good thing How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons is finally here to help us in developing or should I say improving our craft. With this app, we will now be guided with the correct strokes and patterns. Plus, with the right amount of practice and dedication, we will definitely acquire the art of creating unique and eye-catching images in no time. Will I recommend this? Why not?! In fact, How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons is going straight to my must-try-applications list, so go ahead and try it too.

Grab a pen and a box of scratch papers now and start enhancing your skill in drawing! Don’t forget to download How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons too on your or device for free.

Do you want to learn how to draw the famous superhero named Superman? Worry no more as How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons / How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons will teach you how. Watch the video below and be amazed:

If you want to draw art pieces out of typewritten words, then try the iOS app called TypeDrawing. Follow this link to read Harrie Sade’s app review and get more details about this cool app.

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