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Bugs Mayhem is a free shooter game that features Augmented Reality Technology. Try the app today!

Alternative Reality That’s Better than Drugs

Anyone who’s had his fair share of drugs will tell you that they only “tried it for the high”. And since the destructive effects of drug abuse can always put an end to severe addiction, there seems to be a handful of people who choose to smoke a joint occasionally.

But thanks to our generation of intellectuals and pioneering scientists, we finally have a better alternative to drugs (if it’s just the engrossing hallucinations you’re after). I guess it’s normal: With smartphones and mobile devices taking a huge chunk of our daily lives, it’s just natural for man’s creativity to eventually provide ways for various applications to offer an alternative option to hallucinogens.

We’ve already gushed about The Ghostbusters’ Augmented Reality app and the auditory/fitness app Zombies, Run! a while back. This time, let Applatter provide you with information about one of the latest Augmented Reality apps available for your iPhone or iPad!


Easy Gameplay

What’s great about this application is that it’s just “Download and Play”. There’s no need for registrations or anything. Just download the free app, wait for the screen to show you the augmented version of reality and you’re good to go.

Aim the red crosshair and tap the screen to shoot. Make sure you don’t shoot the butterflies, because doing so means a two-digit point deduction.

Also keep in mind that you can soon run out of bullets and time, so use those wisely.

Smooth Graphics and Sounds

The graphics are not the most lifelike, but they are still smooth and easy on the eyes. The bugs’ buzzing sound just boosts your interest in shooting all of the pesky creatures, too!


A Game For Everyone

Bugs Mayhem is not hard to like. Since it shows the round results after each two-minute shooting spree, you and your friends can easily spend hours trying to beat each other’s scores!

 After each short round, the game will show you the results summary.

The Downside

Despite the easy gameplay and smooth visuals, Bugs Mayhem still needs a few tweaks. For instance, it would have been better for the shooter game to have a moveable crosshair. Anyone with little hands will find it hard to aim and shoot at the tiny, annoying bugs.

Final Thoughts

Bugs Mayhem is a promising Augmented Reality game that will engross people of all ages. It’s free, simple, and definitely something safe. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll finally understand how Nicolas Cage felt in that movie.

Credit goes to The Internet Box.


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Bugs Mayhem: Not Your Ordinary Entertainment App
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