The Relentless Mushroom War

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On September 10, 2012
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Meet the fiercest heroes of the game in Mushroom War, another free defense game by WestRiver.

Are you ready for an all-out war? Meet the fiercest heroes of the game in , another free defense game by WestRiver. Download the app and let us start the raging action in 3, 2, and 1!

In reality, mushrooms usually grow above the ground or on its food source. The cap-like-umbrella on top of a stem is the common form of a mushroom though there are different classifications of them. Notice that some of the mushrooms are small in size while some are really huge. They have variety of colors and have wide range of usage.

We people often see mushrooms already processed or mixed in our foods, so basically for most of us mushroom is a type of food that we frequently identify in majority of the meal served in every table. But if we were to make a research of their true nature, we will learn that not all of them are edible, be mindful that there are mushrooms which contain poison.

However, the developer of the game Mushroom War gave life to these gilled fungi. The action packed defense game gave us another story of an empire of mushrooms.

The Battle

Once there was a kingdom of mushrooms that started to breakdown because of the unyielding war. Countless of mushrooms died due to the infectious outbreak that exhausts the whole kingdom. As an effect, there was a devilish contemplation among them influencing new breed of mushrooms. Now, the good ones are fighting the evil and there was a never-ending clash between them.

Meet the Heroes of the Game

Fist Mushroom (Worth 10 Diamond Points) - is a mushroom who dreams of being a Knight someday.

Archer Mushroom (Worth 15 Diamond Points) - is a novice mushroom of humble.

Shield Mushroom (Worth 30 Diamond Points) - is a mushroom that blocks enemy’s attack with a shield in the front line.

Ninja Mushroom (Worth 300 Diamond Points) - is a secret attacker; there is not much about him.

Wizard Mushroom (Worth 400 Diamond Points) – is an apprentice wizard who exercises at the tower of sages.

Cavalry Mushroom (Worth 500 Diamond Points) – is a knight of the kingdom who rides a red carrot to advance.

Mercenary Mushroom (Worth 600 Diamond Points) - is a mushroom who fights to make money.

Crossbow Mushroom (Worth 700 Diamond Points) - is an official archer knight who has a telescope sight to improve accuracy.

Big Shield Mushroom (Worth 800 Diamond Points) - is a mushroom who is armed with a big shield in the front lines.

Samurai Mushroom (Worth 900 Diamond Points) - is the aristocratic warrior.

Archmage Mushroom (Worth 1000 Diamond Points) - is a powerful wizard who is a leader of the tower of sages.

Knight Mushroom (Worth 1100 Diamond Points) - is the first class knight who rides in icicle and flights with great bravery.


The main task of the players is to help the good mushrooms defend their kingdom from total destruction because of the bad ones and to bring back the long lost peace taken from their realm. To play, simply send out a troop of mushrooms by tapping the mushroom image box at the bottom right of the screen to attack the enemies and to prevent the evil troop from destroying your own kingdom. Players may unlock other mushroom trooper as they progresses the game because the greater the level the tougher the enemies become. Make sure to save weapon points to avoid shortage of warriors.

Note: There is a tutorial in every stage before you start the game.

Key Features:

  • At least 100 challenging stages- the higher the level the harder the enemies are.
  • Upgrading buildings can upgrade weapons, units, and weapon capacity point.
  • Diamond Point- used to hire stronger mushrooms or to upgrade their abilities. Players can either earn diamonds by clearing stages or by purchasing it.
  • Weapon Point- used to train new mushrooms or to make buildings.
  • Bomb- can be used to beat numbers of enemies in one shot.
  • Forge- is a type of building used to speed up weapon production.
  • Depot- is another type of building used to increase the capacity of weapon point.
  • Barrack- is also a type of building used to speed up a training unit.
  • Upgrade- upgrades building’s power with weapon point.
  • Upgrade Immediately- upgrades building’s power with diamond point.
  • Sell Building- if you sell the building you will get the point back.

The Fateful Combat of Rohan

Personally, I am not fond of playing war games but when I saw the app Mushroom War I suddenly got curious. First I would like to insinuate the graphics and music used in the game; it seriously needs improvement because it is a bit dull making the game boring to play with and it is not powerful enough to sustain the interest of the user. Nevertheless, the idea of the app is brilliant with its simple and easy game controls. I’ve been playing the game for straight 3 days now and for first timers I can say that the game is really addicting but once you spend all the diamond points (start-up) in upgrading and unlocking other mushroom troops that is time where the conflict emanates.

For users who don’t intend to pay out for diamond points progressing the game will deliberately slow down. Players will need to succeed and accomplish every level in each of the stage to earn points (equivalent to 6 diamond points per level). Imagine yourself playing the game over and over again just to collect the amount needed to upgrade and unlock troops. It would be best if users will buy points in the market to advance the game because as long as you have enough diamond points the higher the chance to upgrade and unlock powerful mushroom army.

I am certain that the experience is very challenging, I feel impatient at times while playing the game and there were times where I encounter trouble that made me gave up the level. This is one of the average strategy games that I played because huge numbers of enemies attack you instantly which dare you to give your best gameplay ever. I admit that it is hard to defeat the evil foray using only three mushroom heroes such as Fist, Archer, and Shield that is why I am looking forward to expand my own army to be able to bring the mushroom empire into victory.

To end the fateful combat here is nice war quotation from Agatha Christie:

“One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one”.

I have learned the importance of protecting your own ground and for letting good prevail. With that, I realized the value of not giving up and the essence of war for truth. I will keep my flag standing still up until I finish the game and secure that sweet triumph in the end.

Are you curious of the endless havoc? Download Mushroom War for Android and go win the battle!


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The Relentless Mushroom War
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