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Push the Box and Save the Pigs!

Part of our best childhood memories would be our favorite bedtime stories which were personally read to us by our parents. It seems like they’re singing a lullaby to put us in a good night’s sleep. There are tons of children’s stories ranging from the best selling ones such as Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Sawyer, Hansel and Gretel and a lot more. Personally, one of my favorite classic children’s stories was The Three Little Pigs. Who wouldn’t forget how the Big Bad Wolf tried to scare and destroy the houses of each pig, right? What’s even cool was how the three little pigs thought of their own creative ideas in building their very own sturdy houses.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that pigs are absolutely adorable, right? If you loved the green pigs in the best selling game, Angry Birds, it’s their moment to shine now on my Android app review! Join the three little green pigs and save them from the big bad wolf.

It’s the perfect time to and save the pigs after the jump!

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