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On January 11, 2013
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This 2013 say hello to the latest released game application of Bulkypix called Little Amazon (Free).

Who will forget the expeditious popularity of a runner game last 2011?  The chance of not knowing the runner game that started it all is very little. Yeah, everybody played Temple Run -the endless running craze ever. I believe most of us reading this are familiar with the guy who runs out of the temple because of the magical monkeys chasing him.

Because of that, the running fame was followed by several production of other runner games with different characters bringing Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, Chasing Yello, Yoo Ninja, Ovenbreak, and more in to reality. We may choose from a running movie character, an escaping kiddo, a flying ninja, a swimming fish, an angry granny, a dashing agent, and fleeing bread. Name it and they have it!

This 2013, say hello to the latest game application released by Bulkypix called . It is an endless runner, platformer, and adventure game that will sure make you run for more. Come on, let us all have a fresh start this year!


The story revolves around a wee size girl with very huge responsibility named Lily. It started when Gruul-the demonic adversary- took power over the entire forest after the great king of fairies died. He cast an evil spell to the helpless creatures to fulfill his evil plan-to rule the forest. With the help of Lily’s cell mate and guardian-Splash- she found out that Gruul hold her as one of his captives. To bring back the lost peace in the forest, they need to escape before he cast his demonic spell on them and become one of his vassals forever.

Our little prowess flees from her cage and that is where the endless running starts. With her strong amazon ability despite her size, she needs to run her way to success by finding George-the king’s personal magician- to help them defeat Gruul.

The Great Escape

Now, Lily’s fate is in your hands. All you have to do is to manipulate her by simply tapping the right button-the longer you press it, the higher and longer the jump- to make her jump from hill to hill while the left button will allow her to release powerful attacks and beat harmful opponents. Just like any other running game, Lily will keep on running and your mission is to keep her overcome obstacles, collect coins for later upgrades, and accomplish the given missions.

Note:  The power button decreases once used though there are recharges along the way so better get them all.

Game Features:

  • See over twenty (20) objects that will let you personalize you amazon.
  • Explore hundreds of  interesting equipment.
  • Collect coins to purchase new abilities, powers, jumps, and skills.
  • Loads of strange creatures, risky enemies, and deadly hindrances.
  • Unlock at least twenty (20) story chapters.
  • Complete Lily’s five (5) collection-finds out as you play the game.
  • Lots of challenging mission to accomplish.
  • Achieve awesome trophies such as the Apprentice Ninja, Winning Double, Deminer, Collebtionitis, Curiosity Killed The Cat, At The End Of The Dream, and more.
  • Look for Splash-hidden on big eggs-along the way. He is like an apprentice that will sacrifice himself to save your life.

This is what I am looking for in an adventure games and that is the lead character’s power. In this game discover Lily’s powers like:

The Scout- the neophyte. This power gives Lily yellow fellows that fly on clouds which help her collect coins.

Flying Nimbus- this flying power. This power let Lily fly on a cloud for her to easily collect coins and avoid enemies.

Kage Bunshin No Lily- the ability to multiply power-Lily Minions. This is one of my favorite powers because the more she multiplies the chance of her dying and getting caught is lesser.

Meteor Rain- the meteor rain attack. This is one of the best powers because it directly attack opponents and collect coins for you.

These are some of the powers that you have to anticipate as you play Little Amazon for iOS.

Game’s Whooping Impact

This is nothing but an astonishing game application. If you are looking for a free game to play then Little Amazon is the close to perfection app to download this 2013. I would like to give the developer an applause for pleasing graphics that is perfectly executed. The visuals are lovely and not too loud.  Apart from that, the sound has a forest like and tribal feel giving you a thrilling experience. To make the app more interesting, the story is worth reading and very compelling that is why I keep on reading it. This is some of the few apps with catchy and appealing plot.  At first look, you will think the game is easy to play given the left and right buttons plus the animated instructions. But as you dig a little further, you will realize that it is quite difficult because of the constant dangers that you have to avoid. I am telling you, it is not that easy; I keep on getting caught and falling from water. However, there are no flaws found in the app yet and I definitely love the whole concept.

Little Amazon seems tiny because of the title but the impact it gives you is truly a bang. This is refreshing, highly addictive, and very engaging. I strongly recommend this game! Come on run with me and save Lily from great terror.

Watch The Official Trailer Here:

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Little Amazon: The Gigantic Trot
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