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On January 11, 2013
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Shatter diamonds and make amazing combos!

It’s practically raining diamonds everyday in the app nation! Joining the latest list of the sparkler app phenomenon is . The game has that same premise that can be seen in other diamond tetris-inspired games. You know you love the sight of glittering diamonds, that’s why these games are rehashed over and over.

And while Diamonds Rush doesn’t really offer anything new, the game—which enables players to shatter ear-piercing smithereens of diamonds—possesses a healthy dose of entertainment, pleasing visual percepts, and replay value. You never know when you are going to stop clicking the “next level” button because this simple game can be as captivating as a real-life diamond. With the fortune of glittering diamonds abound in the app nation, diamonds are definitely forever.

Diamonds Rush is a puzzle game made by ViMAPdroid for Android devices. People who are big fans of this type of gameplay can probably finish rounds after rounds of Diamonds Rush in no time. I was never a fan of these games but I was happy that I accomplished the entire game in one night (Jango is so smug!).


Again, fans of this type of game are already well-accustomed to the tactics needed to enjoy the game. Diamonds that belong to the same color family must be tapped and eliminated. The ear-piercing sound of diamond shattering is quite a joy, especially when you tap a combo of interlinked diamonds.

The game has a time meter that you need to beat by reaching the target score that is seen on the top-right corner of the screen. The game starts easy as you only need to accomplish a small amount of target score. As the game progresses, the target score becomes higher and the game becomes more challenging.

You can tap at least three diamonds that are adjoined in order to gain a score. The more diamonds or combos that you make, the higher the score will be, and the faster you will beat the time.

There are over 40 levels of gem-smashing rounds in this game. All levels possess the same gameplay and techniques. Some people play this game without really thinking but that doesn’t mean that you can’t. If you wait for the right timing, you can smash a whole row or column of diamonds and get the highest score possible. This method will end the level faster.


* High quality graphics with breathtaking visual effects.
* Well-designed background and user interface.
* See highscores on Global Leaderboard and try to beat them.
* Regular updates with new features.
* Good Sound effect.
* A blazing speed bonus for a particularly fast players



Could This Be The Diamond In The Rough?

I really don’t think so.

This app has so much potential that it can easily edge some of its jewel contemporaries. It’s so easy to get hooked in this game once you start playing. But as much as the enjoyment is getting the best of you, it’s also impossible not to notice the things that are lacking in this app. For one, the challenge (which to me was just the time meter) cannot really be deemed a challenge because of the simple fact that it doesn’t present much challenge at all. The time meter is too slow.

I don’t want to brag, but, okay let me brag! I finished the app in less than 40 minutes, tops! Maybe even less than half an hour. The app was really that easy. The entertainment significance is there, it’s true. But it’s just too plain. If Diamonds Rush is a food, it can probably pass as one of those foods that after you try for the first time, you will not bother ordering again. Not that Diamonds Rush is tasteless; it’s just really lacking in so many parts.

The graphics are fine and they are an obvious treat for the eyes. The sounds are great as well. It’s just really lacking in features.

This app is good for filling up an hour of a boring night. Diamonds Rush might even put you to good sleep because the sight of diamonds before you sleep is just gonzo brilliant!

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Android App Review: Diamonds Rush
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