Ababab Sliding Puzzle: Align the tiles

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A brain-teasing puzzle Android app that's Rubik's cube-like in nature.

Through the years and constant fails, I have come to terms that solving a Rubik’s Cube is not a fair game for me. Apparently, there’s only so much brain twisting madness that I could tolerate and though there are “cheats” on finishing that wicked of a cube, my mind almost always dozes off attempting to learn the trick. And as I continuously pull out halfhearted efforts on achieving success with a Rubik’s Cube, I might as well practice with an app that sorta has the same mechanics.

Oh yes, people, here’s another brain teasing Android app that will get your mind juice up and running! Tagged as Ababab Sliding Puzzle, this simple game can test how you can bring to a harmonious row a mix and mash of pictures.

The app is like a one-sided Rubik’s Cube. It may present a lesser difficulty but it still offers a hefty amount of solving to do. As for me who’s not inclined to these type of puzzles, I admit that I scratched my head a couple of times before even finishing a 3×3 grid. Pitiful, I know. Are you up for the challenge and think that you can solve it faster than you can type Ababab? Then continue reading…

Ababab Sliding Puzzle is an Android puzzle game that has two versions: free and full. Players are to align three or more rows of the same tile horizontally or vertically making a perfect grid of organized pictures. Much like that of a Rubik’s Cube. There are two difficulty levels to choose from namely: hard and incredible. There is also an option where players can pin one, two, or three tiles in place.

Make ‘Em Shout Ababab! 

The game play is as basic as it can get. By means of dragging the tiles to the left or right, upwards or downwards, players will have to execute the right actions in a consecutive manner to solve a grid. The game starts out with a 3×3 grid and then gradually increases.

The more characters and tiles on the grid, of course, the harder it is to solve. Good thing that the app showcases cute characters that seems to be taken out of a coloring book to fight off the moments when I get so frustrated with a puzzle that it takes too much will power not to bang my phone against a wall. It may not be as hard for some, but seriously, I just couldn’t exactly wrap my head around it. Though I do try. Believe me.

By tapping on the options menu on your devices, you can change the difficulty of the puzzles and even pin tiles into place to add more challenge to your play. A maximum of three tiles can be pinned.

Players won’t be able to decide what tile they’ll pin; it appears randomly. This action will then forbid players to slide row where the pinned tile is located. I thought that pinning a tile can make everything easier for a noob like me but it was the contrary. The lesser rows and columns I can slide, unavoidably, is much difficult. But I guess it can help the players to have a clue on whether they should complete a set of tiles vertically or horizontally.

Another quirky feature of the app is the chorus of children shouting “ababab!” when you successfully finish a puzzle. That’s your reward by the way. I don’t know what the word means but I feel like it’s synonymous to “eureka!” On the right topmost corner of your screen, you can find the other options of the app namely: help, music, and the skip.

You can see everything on the help page which is great. It’s quite long but at least it’s a thorough guide for players.

If you want to skip a certain puzzle, you can! Hooray! Just tap on the arrow up icon and you can move on to another puzzle with a different set of illustration.

End Note

Yes, I’ve already said that the graphics of the app sorta looks like it was from a coloring book but for a paid application, the developers of Ababab, I think, can do a lot better than what it offers now. Not that I’m complaining, I just feel like there should be something more to it. Maybe a 3-D finish just so the app won’t look so flat.

Nonetheless, Ababab Sliding Puzzle is a good game that can get your minds up and running! If a Rubik’s Cube is too bulky for your liking, then try Ababab instead for some handy and virtual puzzle fun that can get you occupied for hours at a time. You can check it out in the Google Play Store now.

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Ababab Sliding Puzzle: Align the tiles
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