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On January 4, 2013
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There's no other way to kill a widespread deadly virus other than obliterate cities into ground zero.

An outbreak of a deadly virus only leads to three things as I’ve seen in the past which is an either or: 1. Unity among nations to create a vaccine 2. People isolating themselves to try and avoid acquiring the disease 3. Succumb to an inevitable untimely death due to a strain of something that nature designed for world annihilation. In the span of my existence, there have been a number of deadly diseases that wiped out more than thousands of people all over the world (e.g. H1N1 and SARS). We can attribute the human race’s longevity to our fight for survival and a bit of luck, maybe. As long as precautions are taken seriously and the instinct to fight rather than to take flight is intact, there’s no need for undue paranoia.

But come the time that something so hazardous gets the best of us and the fighting is already out of the question, what is there left to do? Annihilate cities and erase the whole populace. The idea might be too morbid and self-destructive but it did not come from me, mind you. I got it from an app called End of Days—already explains itself, huh? Read more about this Android and iOS app review after the jump.

Getting tired of my zombie apocalypse antics? Well, so am I—for now. You already know how engrossed I am with everything that spells out blood and innards but it’s already given that it’s too far from happening. But if it’s a legit sickness that proved itself so strong that within months, we can kiss our lives goodbye, then it’s an entirely different matter. I haven’t even thought about all lifeforms ending with a bacterium to blame because I always felt that it was safe to assume that before everything turns to ashes, I’ve already been dust for years prior. But what if the Earth will bid its farewell even before all life forms transform into something horrible?

End of Days is the latest addition of iTales in the app market using a tap-to-destroy game play. The gist implies that a sickness spread out and everyone that caught it transformed into a mutant of some sort. The goal of the player is to destroy every city that was overrun by the virus by blowing buildings up or sending down a burning comet—wait, what? Famous cities will be at your mercy while you go about collecting the right amount of stars to garner a pass to extinguish the next location.

Ready to finish off the world?

With the pity for our race aside, we can definitely dismantle everything that we and our ancestors have built. So let’s do it war-style and just let everything crash and burn to the ground. And just to put in a little thought that I picked up from watching too much bloodcurdling cannibal gore: looking back is of no use when you’re headed in the direction of your doom. Playing the End of Days app reminded me of that brainfart of mine (excuse my language) as I see the Eiffel Tower’s tip kiss the ground.

Opening the application, a 3D globe will welcome you while a text marquees over it, explaining what bitter ending the earth had undergone. There will be an indicator shown in the globe which contains the number of people still there or how many are infected. By tapping on that icon, you’ll be taken into a new page with a bunch of building huddled up in a middle of a field. The mission: to tap on each building and leave the area when it’s all but rubble. Think that it doesn’t present much of a challenge? You might be right, but there’s some sort of twist on the game play that up until now, I couldn’t solve.

By tapping on the infrastructures you’ll see, it’s as if bombs went off and simultaneously bombarded the buildings. Each explosion is gonna give you points by the thousand although I’m not entirely sure if it’s speed that adds to the score or it’s just a random thing, which I doubt it is. Nonetheless, at the end of each level, you will be able to see your score over the maximum possible score. There are equivalent stars too! Getting a three out of three stars is hard, just so you know. I’m actually out of ideas on how do I achieve them but I magically did once, so losing hope is not included in my equation.

Before moving on to the next city, a certain score should be achieved which is not indicated in the levels. You’ll just be notified that there’s a new area in need of your immediate destructive capabilities. And destroy the places, you can. With the help of other forces, you can definitely turn a place upside down. There are bombs, holocausts, thunder and lightning storms and even comets you can utilize to hurry up the process.


  • Easy game play; tap to destroy the objects in your screen
  • 11 cities all in all to destroy
  • Availability of other manners of turning an area into a clear space. (Thunderstorms, nuclear bombs, holocausts, and comets)
  • Multiple number of tries with each city
  • Impeccable graphics and sound scoring
  • A solid story line for support
  • Multi-platform: For iOS and Android devices

Design and Music

Okay, the graphics of the game was good even thought it sometimes appeared to be pixelated. If you’re familiar with Counter Strike, then it’s pretty much like that. But to make it more appealing, players can slide their fingers on the environment—much like a hologram—to have a better view of the doomed buildings. This is a good feature since the application is already monotonous as it is. There are no other missions to accomplish and most definitely, no badges to earn.

The sound scoring was great as well, the explosions are hardcore and playing the game with the volume maxed up was like hearing an action movie’s peak scene. The melody during the beginning was appropriate because it builds up the interest of the players since it sounds like it’s grave serious. I give the End of Days two thumbs up for having a solid appearance and an effective musical background. But in this aspect, they can also add a little bit more like the “monsters” trying to crawl out of the windows or some helicopters passing by just to add to the effect that it is indeed the end of everyone’s days—except you, the player.

Harrie the Destroyer

Though I enjoyed burning the buildings down with just a couple of eager taps, the game is quite tiresome after a while. The plot was good and it followed suit iTales’ previous tap-to-destroy game called Trash School but there was just a number of questions that remained unanswered in the End of Days. For one, there are no clues whatsoever on how do I perfect a level. Every single time, I just tap my way out of it and be jolly if I ever get the next city unlocked.

Nonetheless, the simplicity of the whole game combined with a story that people dig in to nowadays can give End of Days a push upward. The app is for free and it’s available for both Android and iOS devices.


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End of Days: Destroy Cities
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