Mixology Drink Recipes: Party all night!

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Be the best bartender at your own home with the help of Mixology Drink Recipes.

Have you ever tasted that bitter-salty Margarita cocktail drink with a kick and gone crazy trying to find out what was in it? How do bartenders create such thirst quenching drink? And sometimes, it may be a hassle having to go into a bar, groove on the dance floor, and drink with your friends, right? Now, you can become a bartender in your own home and create that special drink that you’ve been craving with the help of Mixology Drink Recipes.

Free for

Created by Digital Outcrop, Mixology Drink Recipes is a mobile bartending guide that also gives you thousands of cocktail drink recipes in just one tap!

Mixology Features 

  • Browse through more than 7,900 drink recipes and more than 1, 300 ingredients
  • Metric and Imperial Units can be used for measurement of all the drink recipes
  • Liquor Cabinet makes you enter all the liquor and mixer types you have on hand and allows you to search the entire database for cocktails that you can make
  • Random tab features a slot machine interface that lets you find random recipes that are applicable to certain liquor, mixer and glassware criteria
  • With the use of GPS and maps, you can locate nearby liquor stores and bars
  • Learn bartending terminologies and techniques
  • Share drink recipes with your friends via Email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Watch video tutorials on the web
  • Choose from a wide variety of drink categories such as: Cocktails, Martinis, Shooters, Jello Shots, Punches, Hot Drinks and even Non-Alcoholic drinks

Will you Mix it?

Whether you’re too lazy or just not in the mood to party at a bar, you can be a bartender within the comforts of your own home.

Now, partying at home is more fun with your special drinks. Try mixing your own drink for your friends with Mixology Drink Recipes!

Hate those ads on the app? Switch to Pro and download Mixologist Drink Recipes on your.

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Mixology Drink Recipes: Party all night!
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  1. Thank you for posting this review. I’ll give this app a try. This will definitely come handy during house parties!


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