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On October 22, 2012
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With First Day Fan, you can now read first-hand audience movie reviews and share your own movie experiences at any time. Let your voice be heard.

Are you sick and tired of watching second-rated movies and being fooled by phony online movie commentaries? It’s really depressing finding out that the film which you thought will entertain and help you feel relaxed will only end up as another stressful idea. I know the feeling, believe me. I’ve been there and I’m never coming back!

Are you looking for an answer to your movie-related dilemma? I got mine answered and I’m going to share it with you.  The solution: Use the app this instant because it’s the real deal. It serves as your ultimate source of genuine movie reviews. This app lets you catch enthralling movie facts right from the moviegoers like you.

App’s Storyline

Developed by Brand Catalyst Media, First Day Fan is a movie based social application that allows you to read and share first-hand audience movie reviews. Aside from the advantage of knowing the must-see films in the theaters, this Android app also lets you share your own movie experiences and insights to the other app users. With this app, you can personally gauge the popularity of a certain moving picture and build your own circle of trusted reviewers.

App’s Box Office Features

  • It shows quick, real, and short movie reviews.
  • It lets you share your own movie experiences and views through the instant review tab.
  • It gives you an unlimited access to the thousands of film reviews from various people.
  • It allows you to build your own circle of trusted and like-minded reviewers.
  • It lets you share your reviews via Facebook, messages, and electronic mails.
  • It displays top rated films in different categories such as genre, year, and popularity.
  • It is compatible with Android devices and available at no cost.

Lavinia’s APProval

What fascinates me is the idea that the movie reviews that are presented in this app are written by a real movie going audience. I personally believe that in order to get the real ratings of a certain flick, you must ask the viewers who have seen it already and not just rely on the producers’ or the actors’ advertisements and promotions. I and most of my friends, for instance, really make it a point to check movie critiques or feedback first before heading to the theaters to ensure that we will be fully satisfied and inspired with the story. After all, we watch movies to be entertained right? So, might as well provide ourselves with excellent films that we undeniably deserve.

Another good point is that the movie assessments, general and trusted reviews provided by the real moviegoers, are composed of more or less 200 words only—concise yet complete. This only means that the movie write-ups and ratings which you will see in this app are all definitely accurate and helpful. Moreover, you can even state your own opinion by agreeing or disagreeing with a certain post that you have seen. In simpler terms, First Day Fan entitles you to be the critic—period.

End Note

Well, what can I say? I surprisingly like the interesting and exciting features that the app offers. First Day Fan is definitely an addition to my must-have-applications list, and yours too. Yay! My final thoughts? First Day Fan truly deserves my five stars and two thumbs up!

Discovering movies that are truly worthy of your hard-earned cash and time is now possible with this First Day Fan app. Without any doubt, when you use this app you can absolutely just sit back, relax, and enjoy the film by a whooping two hundred percent.

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First Day Fan: YOU be the Critic!
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